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10 Techniques To Writing A Conversion-friendly About Page

Writing a winning, conversion-friendly About page can be tricky.

It’s like going out on a first date.

You have to be on your best behaviour.

You need to be charming, convincing, and unforgettable. You have to muster all your persuasive powers so you woo prospects and win their hearts over.

If you do it right, you’ll start off a long-lasting mutually beneficial relationship with future customers on the right note. Botch it, and you’ll put off prospects and they’ll leave in a hurry, perhaps never to return again.

In this blog post, I am going to show you 10 techniques to help you craft an About Page that makes a great first impression.

Before we dig in, let’s touch on the basics of a solid About Page.

6 Key Questions Your About Page Must Answer

People who visit your site have six burning questions. Your About Page gives you an awesome chance to answer them convincingly.

10 Techniques To Writing A Conversion-friendly About Page

#1. Who are you?

Introduce yourself focusing on the things your audience finds helpful or interesting.

#2. What do you do?

Say how you serve your target audience and enumerate the benefits of doing business with you.

#3. Who do you do it for?

Identify the audience you serve so they’re drawn to you.

#4. What makes you different?

Make your USP crystal clear so prospects choose you over the competition.

#5. Why must you be trusted?

Explain what makes you uniquely qualified to serve your target market.

#6. How can people reach you?

Include your contact details and physical address if you are a brick and mortar company.

With the essentials out of the way, let’s dive into the details of an optimized About Page.

#1. Spicy Headline

Headlines make or break online pages, and your About Page is no exception. Goof up the heading and readers click away.

Write a catchy and effective headline.

Here are quick tips to help you nail it.

  • Benefit-driven– focus on how your company can benefit readers’ lives.
  • Clear not clever- make your headline simple, clear and straightforward.
  • Keyword rich- don’t forget to include your key phrases for some SEO juice.
  • Compelling- use emotional power words to pull readers in.

Jacob McMillen, a marketing copywriter, does this well in the example below:

10 Techniques To Writing A Conversion-friendly About Page

Source: Jacob McMillen

The headline is simple and benefit-driven. Note also how he precisely identifies audiences he serves. This way they’re likely to stay on the page.Without a great headline to kick things off, your page is dead. People will click away.

#2. Stunning pics

For people to hire you or refer you to a friend, they need to have a sense of who you are.

Don’t hide behind a silhouette or cartoon. Come out of the shadows. People want to meet you. An About Page that doesn’t have photos is like a cocktail party without drinks. It just doesn’t work.

People want to see the faces behind your company.

Thankfully, I don’t have to go far for a good example of how to use photos. Lilach Bullock, owner of this very site shows us how it should be done.

10 Techniques To Writing A Conversion-friendly About Page

    Source: Lilach Bullock

She looks confident, warm, and welcoming. That’s exactly the kind of image you want your business to project. And, don’t take her beaming smile for granted. According to Neuroscience Marketing, a smile makes you more likeable and engenders trust.

Without a photo, you’re an invisible faceless brand. Photos make people feel like they know you personally.

#3. Customer-focused

You know what? Your About Us Page is not really about you.

Only talk about yourself in the context of how you serve your audience. Focus solely on them: their needs, their dreams, their struggles, or in short their world.

Do that and they’ll fall in love with your brand.

But how do you do it?

  • Use the word ‘you’ a lot.
  • Zero in on the problems you solve for your target audience.
  • Lead with your customers’ biggest benefit.

Here’s a good example from Blog Tyrant, a blog that teaches blogging as a career.

10 Techniques To Writing A Conversion-friendly About Page

Source: Blog Tyrant

The page leads with the ideal readers’ dream. Clearly, the focus is on the visitors’ needs. This makes it more likely for them to read on.

#4. Personality-filled copy

Most about pages sound like a dry college thesis.

What’s the reason for this?

The desire to sound ‘business-like’, whatever that means.

Here’s how to make your writing personal and engaging:

  • Hack away gobbledygook and corporate speak.
  • Infuse a bit of humour to lighten things up.
  • Don’t be scared to be yourself, it’s what differentiates you from countless brands out there.
  • Use personal pronouns and contractions.
  • Share your struggles. It makes you more human and bonds you to your readers.

In short, edit your writing so it sounds like talking not writing. You’ll connect easily with your audience.

Branding expert Hillary Weiss’s About Page oozes personality.

10 Techniques To Writing A Conversion-friendly About Page

Source: Hillary Weiss

The copy is anything but boring. It’s lively. It pops and fizzes.

You don’t have to be wacky. Just be yourself in a way that truly represents who you are and what you do.

#5. Clear CTA

Your About Page offers you a great conversion opportunity. Seize it.


By including a call to action.

Ask yourself, what do I want my reader to do next and craft an irresistible CTA around that. The possibilities are endless.

  • Sign up for a free trial
  • Fill in a form for a quote
  • Download a report
  • Have a look at your product offer
  • Apply for a job
  • Call or email you
  • Read case studies
  • Join your email list

Nudge prospects into your funnel through a compelling CTA on your About Page.

#6. Gripping Story

Tell your company story but make your customer the hero, not you.

Tell it in such a way that prospects identify with you and your mission. Let them see themselves in your tale. A well-told story makes you believable, trustworthy and humanizes your business.

Sam Ovens, a top business consultant, tells his story beautifully in a simple conversational style.

10 Techniques To Writing A Conversion-friendly About Page

Source: Consulting

He shares his initial struggles and eventual success in his business journey. That’s a typical account people identify with.

#7. Credibility Enhancers

Your about Page offers you a great chance to boost your credibility in the eyes of potential clients.

Here are several ways of showing people you are the real deal.

  • Include customer testimonials.
  • For 10x the impact, use influencer testimonials.
  • Mention any books you’ve written.
  • Point to widely popular niche blogs you’ve been featured on.
  • Display any media mentions.
  • Mention industry conferences you’ve spoken at.
  • Name big brands you’ve served.

Henneke Duistermatt, of Enchanting Marketing proves her authority by displaying the logos of A-list blogs she’s been featured on.

10 Techniques To Writing A Conversion-friendly About Page

Source: Enchanting Marketing

She boosts her credibility even more by linking to her interviews and guest posts. This proves she’s a reliable and trusted brand people can do business with.

#8. Use Video

Video is a great way to quickly grab attention and create rapport with your visitors. It’s certainly more personable than a picture.

Lots of web users love video — but some detest it.

If you use video, keep it short, make it interesting, and support it with text for the non-visual visitors. Ray Edwards uses video in a smart way on his page.

10 Techniques To Writing A Conversion-friendly About Page

       Source: Ray Edwards

The video is just 4 minutes long and is complemented by text narrating his story.

#9. Keyword Rich

Want to significantly boost conversions on your About page?

Then you have to optimize the content so that it shows up in search engines when people search for you.

To do that you have to massage your target keyword phrases in strategic areas:

  • Headlines
  • Subheads
  • Your Name.
  • Content

However, avoid keyword stuffing otherwise you’ll write ridiculous unnatural sounding copy. Use this handy Internet Marketing Ninjas keyword density analysis tool to get the optimal keywords on your page.

#10. Clever Design

First, make your About Page easy to find. Surprisingly in many sites visitors struggle to find the page. If they don’t find it they won’t read it. Make sure that it’s a clear easy-to-find item on the main menu.

Second, ensure that your About page design is consistent with the rest of the site in terms of colours, structure, and messaging. Thirdly, use an attractive but clear font for the content. According to Signal Tower, Georgia, Helvetica, and Futura are among the 9 most legible fonts that you need to use for your web page.

Lastly, make your page visually appealing. Tell your brand story using pictures. Focus on staff members or the founder at the very least, so prospects see the faces behind the brand. After all, the goal of the page is for people to meet you. What better way to do that than letting them see you?

Once again Lilach’s About page shines in this regard. From her hero shot on top down to her contact form, her photos dominate in a good way. The whole page delights the eyes. Check out the shot below where she demonstrates her authority.

10 Techniques To Writing A Conversion-friendly About Page

The social proof is displayed in a visually appealing way.

Before we wrap up, let’s take a moment and discuss what you shouldn’t do on your About Page.

The 2 Things You Should Never Do On Your About Page

You can do pretty much anything on your About Page, except direct selling.

Don’t sell directly on your page.

It’s a big no-no that kills conversions and turns people off.

The reason why people click on your About Page is because they want to know more about you and what you do. They expect you to introduce your brand to them.

Trying to sell to them at this stage of the buyer journey is like a guy who proposes on the first date.

It’s a jarring awkward experience for your prospects.

Secondly, don’t be generic.

With a bazillion brands out there, your About Page is a golden opportunity for you to differentiate yourself. The worst thing you can do is to sound like everyone else. If you’re like the business next door, then why should prospects choose you over them?

So magnetize visitors with your uniqueness.

Be striking. Be unforgettable. Be magnetic.

Let your uniqueness shine through so visitors fall in love with you. You’ll increase the likelihood of them buying from you when they’re ready.


Don’t waste your About Page.

Use it to introduce people to your business in a memorable way. To nail it, focus on your ideal prospects needs. A great About Page:

  • Makes prospects warm up to your company.
  • Leaves people with a positive impression of your brand.
  • Gets visitors into your funnel by giving them a chance to sign up.
  • Starts a relationship with future customers.
  • Establishes a deep meaningful connection with would-be clients.
  • Moves visitors to other key pages on your site.

Fully exploit your About Page’s marketing potential. It’ll help you attract and eventually convert your ideal prospects into customers.

What struggles have you faced when writing your About page? How happy are your with it? Leave your comments below and please share the post if you liked it.


About the author: 

Qhubekani Nyathi aka The Click Guy is an irresistibly handsome (wife’s baseless claims!) marketing copywriter and long-form content strategist. He helps SMBs rapidly grow their income and impact through actionable long-form content that ranks high, builds authority, generates tons of leads, and drives sales. He is a contributor to top blogs like Crazy Egg, Tech Wyse, Conversion Sciences, and Mirasee.

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