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The easy platform to meet your content needs without breaking the budget

Over the years, content marketing has been getting more popular. If you’re reading this, you might be asking: what’s all the fuss about content marketing?

Why do 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing and 86% of B2C marketers think it’s a key strategy?

Let’s be frank, content marketing is vital to every aspect of marketing. Whether you’re trying to convert your email subscribers or increase brand awareness on social media, you’ll need to get your content marketing right.

That said, what are some benefits you can look forward to when you engage in content marketing?

  • Increase in audience retention
  • Improvement in brand awareness
  • Increase in credibility and trust with audience
  • Marketing that continues working for years
  • Lead generation
  • More search visibility on Google

While you want all these benefits in your marketing campaigns, the bitter truth is that doing content marketing the right way is difficult. You can always find someone who will write boring articles for you at a ridiculously low price.

But to write pieces of content that will attract your audience’s attention and keep it? And better still, pieces of content to convert prospects to customers?

You need content marketing experts to achieve this.

In light of this problem, Content Fuel was founded as a platform to take care of your content needs. How does this platform go about providing content solutions?

In this Content Fuel review, I’ll provide answers to questions you might have about this platform.

Without further ado, let’s go into the details.

Content Fuel for effective content marketing

Once you get on the Content Fuel homepage, the platform claims to automate your content marketing. If you’ve run a content marketing campaign before, you understand the lengthy process you have to go through before having your content ready.

Now, where does Content Fuel come in with its “Automation?”

Content Fuel comes in during the writing stage. In a moment we’ll explore everything they automate.

How Content Fuel works

Let’s say you want to use Content Fuel right now, what are the steps you have to go through to get your ideal piece of content? Once you register an account, your account manager will take you through the onboarding process. Then, you can take the steps below.

1. Submit your content request

The first stage of creating content on this platform is to submit your content request. Here, you’ll submit a brief about various requirements for your article.

For instance, you can enter details such as your content title and a brief description of what message you’re trying to get across to your audience. Furthermore, you can specify your target audience and keywords on Google.

With your request, it’s vital to add as much detail as possible to help the writer create content that suits your needs. Of course, Content Fuel allows you to create as many requests as you want. So, you can create your content requests once and add them to the platform on a queue.

2. Your content is assigned to a qualified writer

Once you submit your request, Content Fuel will look through its database of professional SEO writers to find the best fit for your job. This writer will usually have experience writing about your niche.

Then, the platform will assign your writing task to them.

3. Interact with your writer

Even though you’ve created a detailed brief, your writer needs to talk to you to better understand what you need. At this point, there may be a few back and forth messages between you to come to a conclusion with regards to the piece of content.

After concluding on what you need from the piece of content, the writer will commence writing. Within 48 to 72 hours, you should expect to have your first draft.

4. Review and edit the content

If you’ve written a piece of content before, then you know reviewing and editing are vital to having your final article. Frankly, no matter how good your writer is, it’s common to have a first draft that needs editing before publishing.

Here, you’ll compare your intended message with the content. Is the content relaying your message effectively?

You can submit revisions and make suggestions based on the first draft. The writer will take on the recommendations and edit the content to your need.

Luckily, Content Fuel allows you to go through as many revisions as you want till you’re satisfied.

5. Approve content

Once you have your final piece of content, the next thing is approval. After approval, your writer will move on to the next piece of content on your queue.

If you’re in a situation where your writer’s writing style doesn’t just wow you, you can request a change of writer. Content Fuel will fulfill this request and assign another writer in your niche.

Content types

Considering that many types of content exist, what types are available on Content Fuel? Currently, there are 3 categories of content you can order on this platform.

They are:

Blogs and articles

One significant section on any website is its blog. Through your website blog, you can educate your readers about your industry, brand, and product offerings. With valuable content on your blog, some of your readers will become leads.

Moreso, you can nurture these leads with content till they become customers. Content Fuel can provide blog content at different stages of the buying process.


Even though infographics consist of beautiful imagery, you can’t ignore the texts accompanying the images. So, if you’re unable to find the right words for your images, Content Fuel can do that.

All you have to do is deliver your infographics visuals and themes. And this platform will provide fitting text.

Email newsletter

After capturing leads, nurturing them through emails is vital to converting them to customers down the line. But you need to send exciting and valuable email newsletters to them.

Otherwise, they’ll ignore your emails or even unsubscribe from your list. Content Fuel can help provide engaging newsletters to please your audience.

Potential content fuel users

Almost everyone running a website today needs content. However, some people need content on a daily or weekly basis.

These people will find Content Fuel useful for their business operations. Some of them are:


Whether you’re a solo marketer or a marketing team member, you might have to produce content regularly. And if writing doesn’t come naturally to you, this might make your job more difficult than it should be.

Hence, Content Fuel can meet a need you have every week. Furthermore, if you need to write more content than you can possibly write, Content Fuel can help you scale your writing.

Small businesses

With many customers reaching out and shopping online, businesses need functioning websites. As a small business owner, one way to generate leads and educate customers is through a blog and other website pages.

By subscribing to Content Fuel, you can worry less about running your website while focusing on other aspects of your business operations.

SEO agencies

If you run an SEO agency, you’re paid to perform tasks such as content creation. Let’s be honest, finding good content writers can take a lot of time, and that’s not even talking about the cost.

Fortunately, Content Fuel can meet your enormous content needs without the stress of finding writers.

Customer support

Do you need more information about how Content Fuel works or need to reach out to their team about your content orders?

This platform offers customer support in two main ways:

  • Email: through its support email address, you can always send messages about issues you encounter while using the platform.
  • FAQs: on the FAQs page, you’ll see the common questions users have about Content Fuel and answers to them.

Better still, since you’ll have an account manager for your account, all you have to do is direct your questions or problems to them. This way, you can even get your issues resolved faster.

Pricing plans

Content Fuel has 3 pricing plans, and you can pick one according to your needs. Here are the plans:

  • Starter: this plan costs $389 per month. For this amount, you can have 6 to 8 blog posts or content of up to 4,000 words. You have access to all content types, 48 to 72 hours turnaround for content requests, a dedicated account manager, and a dedicated writer.
  • Professional: for this plan, you’ll pay $698 monthly. In addition to what you have in the Starter plan, you get 15 to 20 blog posts monthly or content of up to 10,000 words.
  • Agency: this plan costs $1,299 monthly. Here, you get 30 to 40 blog posts per month or content of up to 20,000 words during the same period. This is in addition to the features in the other plans.

Obviously, the main difference between the plans is the number of blog posts and word count. If you want to cut this cost down, you can subscribe to an annual plan, which will get you a 15% discount.


Without exaggerating, content marketing can turn your business around for good. A simple search online will reveal that companies such as HubSpot, Neil Patel, and more have grown by delivering valuable content to their audiences.

If you’re yet to start exploiting the potential of content marketing, the best time to start was yesterday. The next best time is now.

And with a service like Content Fuel, you can outsource your content production to experts who can effectively get your message to your audience.


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