Breaking Media Outreach Standards – Winning Writing Formula

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Webmasters, editors, and bloggers are already fed up with all-the-same emails and people asking them to post links, articles, or mentions. Media outreach does not standstill. So, it’s time to familiarize yourself with the new techniques of writing emails to interest the one to become a part of your outreach strategy.

What Is Media Outreach?

If this is a question that you have, then you are most probably not covering your target customer audience in full. Media outreach is a method of link building based on establishing links with bloggers, journalists, and webmasters. The purpose of media outreach is associated with the following:

  • Publication of guest-posts on reputable sites (with or without reference);
  • Link exchange;
  • Placement of advertising assets (for example, banners, text, videos, etc.).

There is no complex logic behind the outreach strategy and link building. By posting a link, mention, or advertisement on a reputable site with high traffic, you have a chance to increase traffic to your online resource. What is more, it is also a good approach to building a strong brand trusted by many.

Outreach Text Template: Traditional or Unconventional?

There is a list of standard rules the one need to follow in order to create an “ideal” outreach email:

  • Be concise and honest;
  • Clearly state the goal;
  • Indicate the reasons why the offer is so valuable;
  • Add a CTA.

This usually works. But in order to stand out from the crowd, have your email read, and get an answer, you must be creative. In this case, it is necessary to clearly state and impress the recipient with your message or even a theme of your email. Otherwise, you risk having your email deleted without even being opened or read in full.

How to Arrange Connections with KOLs, Site Owners, and Bloggers?

Have found trusted sites and blogs to advertise your online resource on? Checked the subject and performed the identification of their segment and target audience? Sure this is where you can catch your audience? All is missing is to get in touch with site owners and ask them for business collaboration. Although it may see to be easy for many, in fact, it is not so, especially if to take into account the number of similar requests they get every day. And here it begins.

The only tool for communication with the owner of the resource is an email. So how to compose a winning outreach email that will bring you the desired result? It is enough to make one or two mistakes, and your letter will be closed without bringing you an answer. What points should be considered? Using typical mistakes as an example and blogger outreach software needed for this, we will teach you how to write an effective subject and body for your email.

Common Mistakes in Writing an Outreach Email

Here are some of the major mistakes that novice link-building specialists make when writing an outreach email.

Subject Line Is Empty

It is the email subject that introduces the “deal.” So if you leave it empty, the interest in your letter and offer will drop to 0. The main task here is to interest the reader and offer them something interesting, valuable, and original. On top of that, it is not the best idea to cover all deal specs and conditions in one subject live. Instead, write briefly and straight to the point.

No Personalization

Let’s be honest. We are all tired of the mass mailing. We want to receive specific personalized offers. An email starting right with a proposal will not work, unless there is a personalized greeting preceding the key message.

No Balance

A direct commercial offer “head-on” shows the specificity and focus on a specific result. But in an outreach email, you have to be smarter. After a personalized greeting, add a compliment, question, or even a joke. It is not the best time to share the details of your proposal.

No Info on a Practical Benefit

You should interest a reader with a benefit from the collaboration with you. For this purpose, you can share your business performance stats, key selling points of the service/product you deliver. It would be also a good idea to share 2-3 articles and mention the news that hooked you. There are dozens of options.

Missed Details

After writing down the main offer, you should always go into the details. Describe in detail your collaboration with the placement of links and banner advertising. Be specific. It is better to agree in detail all the actions that you want to perform on the owner’s site.

No Specific Target Action

One of the main mistakes in outreach email is to make offers, list benefits, and then forget about the main target action. A person will read your email, find it interesting, but will not know what to do. Take care of this. Make sure that you specify what should be done when the email is read. Simplify the task for him. If a reader needs to familiarize oneself with your site to make a decision, be sure to leave a link.

Does It Work for You?

When writing an outreach email, you should always remember that its value, key message, and target action should be projected on its recipient only. A blogger or key opinion leader will be hardly interested in helping you to attract an audience to your site using his/her platform. They are only interested in what they will receive in return. So, do not forget to list down the main benefits of cooperation with you as well as the unique features of your business/product/service.

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