Why Blogging is Important for Business and Marketing

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Why Blogging is Important for Business and Marketing

With the consistent progressions in information technology, it is become extremely important for small and medium entrepreneurs to have underscored web presence. Unmistakably Blog Marketing for businesses continues developing as a relentlessly helpful resource for communicating with existing as well as potential customers to expand client base for the business.

While having a highly optimised website is an essential component in the development of a comprehensive online marketing and branding strategy, the competitive nature of the global economy demands that businesses go further. One of the most effective ways to build brand awareness, providing relevant and useful content to your target audience is through consistent blogging.

We have all heard that, “Quality written substance makes all the difference” on the internet. Before you start writing an essay as a blog post for your audience explaining best features of your product, information and upcoming tradeoffs, you must know your target audience to attract new as well as retain your existing customers effectively.  Blogging is an inexpensive way for businesses to drive traffic to their site, enhance inbound marketing efforts and attract more perspective customers.

It was mentioned in an inbound marketing report that more than 85% of the companies acquired more customers through blogging. These companies took blogging as an integral part of their marketing strategy. Also 85% of the business admitted that blogging is vital for their business.

It is an inexpensive way for small businesses to drive traffic to their site, enhance inbound marketing efforts and attract more perspective customers.

Numerous entrepreneurs may have vulnerabilities or misguided judgments with regards to the estimation of business blogging. Some trust that a lot of time and exertion will be required to viably actualize a blog marketing platform into their current promotional efforts, with little rate of return on investment.

Those entrepreneurs who utilize blogs routinely will agree that they are easy to make and relatively easy to maintain once you gain an initial comfort level and recognize your blogging persona. It regularly will just remove 10-30 minutes from the day to appropriately present a blog entry. The outcomes, in any case, are far reaching and shockingly successful.

In this way, following are the real advantages of blog marketing?

  1. Low Cost Marketing Channel

Web journals are cheap – even free. Online journals are effectively incorporated with an existing website. Web journals can likewise be kept up at committed facilitating destinations everywhere throughout the web for low or no expense. Commonly it would be suggested that a web business makes its own personal blog domain for brand awareness purposes which looks more professional.

  1. Excellent Avenue to Build a Network

Every business requires a Network. An internal network is to communicate among different divisions while efficient external network keeps clients and different companies intact. Staying in contact with such large numbers of entities demands large investments of time and capital. A regular blog on the other hand is quickly written (especially when you are close to and well versed in your subject matter). Blogs can reach thousands of targeted readers at any time in any place.

  1. Improved Organization Perceivability

Blog marketing benefits organizations to stay visible, when closely related to networking. Whenever a client or a collaborating organization needs your product or services, your business will be foremost on their minds.

Benefits of blogging visibility can be enhanced by linking with other organizations. On site blogs can be linked to different other areas inside your site, however off-site blogs can be linked directly back to it. As you assemble your blog presence, you may eventually swap links with other high-traffic blogs further adding to your traffic and search engine results.

  1. Expanded Item Presentation

Blog marketing is enormously valuable for picking up mainstream visibility for your items. Your product offering might be the central subject of your company blog – a place where you teach buyers or potential clients on product features and usage, or a place to introduce new product lines.

Product advertising is obviously not restricted to company blogs. Paying high quality bloggers to talk about your items or review your organization is another viable blog marketing technique. There are Blog networks where you can contact other networks of bloggers that work on a pay per post model. This can be an ease and powerful approach to develop your product awareness.

  1. Upgraded Organization Persona

Blog marketing acts as an approach to come down to a more personal level with clients. The voice and style of the blog gives clients an opportunity to discover your organizational identity thinking you are the sort of an individual they would like to be involved with.

When one individual frequently keeps up the blog, clients become acquainted with that individual, and feel they have built a relationship with them. The outcome from this part of blog marketing is a more reliable and trustworthy relationship.

  1. Enhanced Client Communication

Posting comment or feedback features on the blogs are perfect ways to gain more information about your clients. An engaging business blog is a place to interact with the people, getting feedback from the customers as well as digging through their kudos and complaints. It also useful to conduct focal group discussions or online surveys to know how better clients can be served and their needs can be met with the high level of satisfaction.

  1. SEO Optimized Substance

Adding a blog to your site adds to your featured content, providing yet another indexable content source. It is essential to utilize tools like Wordtracker.com and Hittail.com to identify targeted keywords that you need to write some blog posts on. The key is to incorporate the catchphrase or keyword in the blog title and also in the post and technorati tags.

Blog marketing is rapidly getting to be known as one essential wave in a dynamic web organization’s future. The negligible cost, both fiscally and time-wise, combined with boundless potential for exposure and connection make business blogging a no-lose proposition.

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    Hi Lilach. I read your article briefly and completely agree whatever you are saying. A blog is really a great way to educate your ideal customer and to build relationship and trust. Also, play a very huge role to promote brand, business and increase website traffic. Thanks for sharing such an informative content.


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