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Let’s be honest.

Blogs can be boring. They can be confusing.
They can be repetitive.
They can be repetitive
(ha, just kidding). 

But the truth is, once you’ve read one article on a topic, everything else starts to sound pretty much the same *yawn*. 

Or, the info you fight your way through turns out to be impractical, or their suggestions are just unrealistic or difficult to follow. 

Orrrrr they’re just filled with words, words, and more fluffy words that actually don’t mean much or offer any valuable information.

Fluff belongs on a cute dog, not on a blog! 

I (affectionately, of course) call these “Blah Blogs”. Or Blaaaaaahgs.

Pretty to look at, but a snooze to read. 

I aim to do the exact opposite here. No fluff, no gimmicks, no smoke and mirrors.

No blah, just badass, boom-worthy practical strategies. That are easy to follow and get results. 

Enough said. Read on. 

🎤*mic drop*🎤 

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