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6 Tips On Getting More Views On Your Posts

On Instagram or any other social media, the validation is directly proportional to the engagement you receive.

If you think that you come up with good content and your work is done then sadly you will go nowhere. The algorithm is tricky here.

So, keeping an eye on that while making good content is your only way through. Taking care of both aspects is not an easy job to accomplish.

Then again, there is no hard and fast rule for the same. You have to make amendments from time to time to keep things going appropriately.

From the engagement point of view, here, we will cover the aspect of how to get more views on posts.

Tips To Get More Views On Posts

Getting views is comparatively easier than getting likes or comments as there is no effort from the side of the user. 

But at times it is not proportionate to the number of followers or the engagement your posts usually get. 

We have made a list of a few tips and tricks that might be of help to you.

Those are:

  • Post quality content
  • Post regularly
  • Collaborate with substantial accounts
  • Tag location
  • Use proper hashtags
  • Buy views

Post Quality Content

We have said it before as well that content is king. This is the most basic need. There is no alternative to that.

You have to stay creative with your work and never compromise that for anything whatsoever.

If your content is likable, you will automatically gain followers who will take the effort of reaching your posts and you will have to make no effort for them.

This is the most loyal follower base you can gather. But, often we see that folks care too much for the engagement and not for the content’s quality.

This might see a good response once or twice. But, there is no way this can stand the competition in the long run. 

Having a balance between both sides is the best possible way.

Post Regularly

If you are working on gathering engagement on your posts, this is where you start from. If you do not keep your profile active, nothing is ever going to work.

Well, this is not as simple as it sounds. Posting regularly should in no way interfere with the quality of the content or else the entire effort you will make in the process will be nullified.

Posting regularly implies working manifolds. Make yourself mentally ready for that commitment. 

Again, having a creative mindset every other day is not an easy task. But brainstorm yourself and you will get the results.

Collaborate With Substantial Accounts

Collaboration is a great way of bringing traffic to your posts. You can search for good accounts with who you can collaborate. 

Make the proposal mentioning what their benefit is in the process. If they agree, you can easily gain the views of their followers.

This new Instagram feature of making a post with two different accounts will get you space in their feed which is a big plus for you.

If you are a business or an influencer, you also have to make sure that the profile you are collaborating with is authentic or not.

You have to make a vigorous check.  As just for mere numbers, you cannot hurt the sentiment of your loyal viewers and followers.

Tag Location

Folks often tend to forget it. But adding location is your free entry to the space where people search for that location.

If the location is popular, there is no way you should miss out on this. 

Moreover, it is a great way for businesses as well to gather views. If you tag a well-known place on your business-related post then that will bring you great views.

For small businesses, it is a necessity to mention where the business is based so that people come across your account while searching for your city.

Use Proper Hashtags

Social media without hashtags is nothing especially Instagram. Hashtags are a must when you make a post.

People on the platform tend to follow a particular hashtag that is related to the niche of their choice. So, if you use hashtags relevant to your niche, it is highly likely for you to appear on their feed.

Also, if your post is liked, they may end up tapping on follow. 

But, you have to take care of which hashtags you use. Check the numbers and then decide. 

Not that there is any limit on using the number of hashtags but taking notes of the same will make sure you do not miss out on the main ones.

For every post make sure you use every relevant hashtag and a mix and match of some general ones as well.

Buy Organic Views

This is another way you can get the much-needed push. At times the algorithm does not get you the engagement you deserve.

So, you can resort to this option. This way you can make the audience believe that you have gathered organic engagement beforehand.

That works as a review as it is a human tendency to not be the first person to make the choice. How others see the same thing makes a lot of difference.

In the present times, you have good and authentic options for doing the same.

Along with that, you can also resort to buying likes on Instagram.


Engagement on Instagram, be it views, likes or comments does not come the easy way to anybody.

Also, with the competition, it is getting more chaotic and tiresome by the day. But, the other side of the coin tells a different story. 

The competition is bringing in more audience as well. So, the havoc is worth it as at the end of the day if you make it then it is all uphill.

In this blog, we have delivered ideas and a detailed explanation on the same that are sure to be fruitful for you. 

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