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6 Innovative Ways to Market Your Business in 2020

2020 has thrown businesses more curveballs than any other year in recent memory, so marketing managers and business owners alike have to put their heads together to come up with innovative ways to increase awareness and visibility for their business.


If you are stumped thinking of new ways to get your name and your brand out there, here are some of the best, proven-effective, and innovative ways you can market your business in 2020.


  1. Publish online content


Instead of spending much-needed resources on paid advertising, leverage online platforms by publishing content that your target audience will find useful. Keep in mind that people have developed an aversion to targeted ads but will still willingly spend hours on end watching catchy Youtube videos and looking at compelling infographics that will add value or entertainment into their life.


To maximize this trend, position your brand by attaching it to online content that people will want to consume and will generally seek, may it be on your website, your Youtube channel, or Instagram account.


  1. Realign your CSR efforts


Cause marketing has become the cornerstone of many corporate branding strategies, but 2020 might be the year for deep reflection and assessment of what causes you want your name associated with.


For cause marketing to be effective, you need a timely, high-impact campaign that will not make you regret the investment. For instance, distributing Personal Protective Equipment or PPEs and other items like personalized hand sanitizers to those fighting the coronavirus on the frontlines might be a worthy cause to consider right now.


  1. Get on LinkedIn


If your business is not yet on LinkedIn, then you are missing out on what could be the biggest source of convertible leads right now. There are more than 600 professionals on the platform right now, so make sure you know how to take advantage of LinkedIn’s features to promote your business.


Note that just like in any online platform in this day and age, ‘sales-y’ content won’t take you very far with LinkedIn users. Your business page has to put out relevant and informative content if you ever hope to increase your following and make meaningful business connections on the site.


  1. Organize contests/giveaways


Who doesn’t like getting free stuff? One tried-and-tested way to scale up your brand’s online engagement is by launching contests and giveaways that incentivize awareness of your business.


For example, if you run a fitness-related business, have people share their home workouts for a chance to win one of your best products. Alternatively, if you are trying to increase engagement in your Youtube channel, ask viewers to subscribe and share your videos in exchange for cool giveaways. As long as you already have entertaining/informative content on your social media accounts, a little giveaway boost might be all you need to tilt search engine and online algorithms to your favor.


  1. Develop a customer referral program


Every single client or customer you have right now is a potential lead generator. While there is nothing wrong with the traditional way of simply asking for referrals and recommendations, providing incentives for bringing new business your way could double the results you were hoping for.


Give customers discount vouchers and freebies for successful referrals, and explore options to offer the same program to all your clients for better results.


  1. Make meaningful collaborations


Whether you’re looking into influencer marketing or tapping another business for a partnership, make sure you know what you’re getting your brand into. Only collaborate with names and brands that align with your company’s vision and goals, lest you find customers confused about what your brand is all about.


For one, if you’re looking to promote a startup business in the suburbs, look into homegrown celebrities and influencers instead of going for the most popular ones who might not have that big of traction in your target location.


In a nutshell, you have to make sure that all your marketing efforts are purposefully done, and not just copied off of a different brand’s successful campaign. Be aware of all the nuances of your business and the industry it belongs to in order to find strategies that will work for you. With any luck, the innovative marketing strategies discussed in this article will help you weather this challenging year to land on top of your game.

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