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4 Online Marketing Tips that Your Business Can’t Afford to Neglect

Online marketing is not something that you figure out a single time, and then you know the ironclad rules going forward. What might have worked from an online marketing standpoint a few years ago is often not the same as what will work today. Strategies evolve, and certain practices will no longer help you where once they propelled you to the top of your niche.

Whatever your industry, if you want to master online marketing, you need to know about and implement the most current strategies. If you’re not able to do so, your competitors will monopolize your niche and steal your clients before they ever even find out about you.

With that in mind, let’s go over a few online marketing tips that you can use in 2021.

Know What Your Audience Wants

If you don’t know your audience, which is to say your potential and current customers, then you’re going to lose them. When someone shows up on your landing page, if they don’t like what they see, they’re going to leave instantly. That’s going to hurt your bounce rate, so not only will you lose that client, you’ll also alienate others who have not even shown up yet.

If you want actionable steps to boost your SEO, knowing what content genre you should write in for your site will be your first potential action to get better engagement numbers. For instance, maybe you want some educational content on your website. Your clients or customers may show up wanting you to inform them about something.

Maybe you’d be better off featuring more straightforward promotional content. That won’t work for every business, but it will for select ones. You might want to have inspirational content, such as quotes, links to great articles, or anecdotes about which a potential customer will want to hear.

Whatever your audience wants, your site needs to provide it. If you get an analytics tool like SEMrush or Screaming Frog, and it reveals that you have a high bounce rate, that’s a huge warning sign. You’re approaching your site content strategy incorrectly, and you need to make wholesale changes.

Provide More than Just Walls of Text

You might feel like people are coming to your site so you can inform them about something, and your research bears that out. Since you’re an expert in that area, there’s no reason why you can’t be the one to give them the information that they require.

When they arrive at your landing page, though, if you have nothing but walls of text waiting for them, they’re probably not going to like that. It doesn’t really matter at that point whether what you have to say is interesting. No one wants to get to a website to find a novel confronting them.

You’ll need to use visual elements like fascinating pictures, videos, and audio files to break up the content. If you don’t have any of those, and there are no visual elements, you’re surely going to repel the would-be customers that you want to reel in.

Create Original Content

You also can’t use recycled content if you want to attract new customers. You might feel like stock photos are enough to make your site visually interesting. You likely have savvy customers, though, and they won’t like bland pictures that don’t speak to them.

The thing about stock photos and similar images is that if you look for them, you can usually pick them out pretty easily. They are stock photos because they are bland and inoffensive.

They often look like the smiling pictures of individuals you see trying to sell you floss in a dentist’s office. They are dull and derivative.

You need pictures, videos, and other content that is uniquely your own. There should be no doubt that you took the pictures and shot the video yourself.

However, if what you have is clearly original but doesn’t look professional, that won’t help you either. You might consider hiring a professional photographer or film crew to produce your website content if you don’t have the time or the skill to do it yourself.

Make Your Website Easy to Navigate

It’s somewhat astonishing that many website creators still need to hear this tip, but it’s as true today as it was five years ago, or ten. You must do all you can to improve UX, or website user experience.

When we talk about UX, we mean how easy or difficult it is for your site visitor to find their way around. You have probably been to sites before where you don’t much like the layout. You can’t easily find what you want because the creator set it up in a less than intuitive way.

If you allow your business’s website to get this way, you’re going to lose clients in record numbers. Certain site features have become extremely popular because they work so well.

Think about things like dropdown menus. Without them, you may not be capable of figuring out how to get where you’re going on a site. When that frustrates you, you’re going to leave and go to a competitor’s website.

Also, you need to make doubly sure that your website works well on mobile devices. There are millions of people who spend multiple hours per day on their smartphones and tablets. If your site won’t load easily on those devices, and if it’s not easy to navigate in that format, that’s going to lose you customers too.

You should also make sure as you plan your site’s content that it is not promotional to the point where your visitors feel like you’re using hard-sell tactics. Obviously, you want them to convert, but you need to ease them into making a purchase rather than pouncing on them as soon as they arrive at your landing page.

If you can succeed in using these basic online marketing tactics, you should start to see the conversion numbers you want.

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