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4 Must-Know Tips for Working Remotely

Long gone are the days of showing up in a suit and tie to an office job. According to a 2020 survey, nearly one-third of adult professionals work remotely either “Very often” or “All the time.”

If you’ve found yourself among these individuals, you might feel some trepidation about your new position.

Though it does have its advantages, adjusting to remote work can be challenging. To help ease your transition, here are some essential tips for working remotely.

1 Take Advantage of Your Remote Status

Have you been stuck in the same area all your life? If so, you might feel like you’re in a rut. As convenient as it is, working from home can begin to feel monotonous. You wake up to complete a day’s worth of work and spend the rest of your waking hours in mundane surroundings. After all, familiarity breeds contempt.

To avoid burnout, take advantage of your status as a remote worker. Bring your laptop with you to your favorite coffee shop or park.

If you’re looking for a more extreme or permanent solution to your tedium, consider changing your residence. Remote work has led some people to fill out an application to get a Singapore PR or establish long-term residence in places usually reserved as tropical getaways.

If you work remotely and feel stable enough in your position’s permanency, consider moving to a different state or country. Being in new surroundings will bring excitement to your workday and let you more freely enjoy your days off as if every day were a holiday.

2  Take Scheduled Breaks

As a remote worker, you should never try to knock out your eight hours in one sitting. Make an effort to break up your workday.

Find what works best for you. One thing to try is to set an alarm to stretch every hour or so. During these five- or ten-minute stretch sessions, call a friend to chat or complete a small chore around your house.

If you have access to a standing desk, alternate between standing and sitting to benefit your physical health.

If you’re a work-alcoholic, it can be tempting to take your lunch break in front of your computer or skip it altogether. Instead, take your lunch to a separate room and enjoy thirty minutes to replenish your energy with a full meal.

3 Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Communication may seem difficult to maintain in a remote work environment. However, you can make it simpler than ever by following these guidelines:

  • Resolve issues by phone calls rather than messaging apps to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Always ask questions for clarification to prevent problems down the line.
  • Familiarize yourself with your employer’s remote work policies, expectations, and procedures.
  • Return all calls, voicemails, and emails promptly.

Carve time into your schedule for “water cooler” chats via instant messaging apps. Even in a remote setting, it’s essential to mimic the everyday chitchat typical to the human experience. Retaining this level of connection with your colleagues will foster morale and promote company culture.

4 Find Collaborative Tools

Ask your team about their favorite collaborative tools. Whether it be Google Drive, Dropbox, or something else, you should agree on one platform you will all use. Using a singular platform will promote consistency and efficiency and eliminate confusion.

If you’ve already been using multiple platforms, take a day (or a week) to consolidate all your files.

Cut Yourself Some Slack

Working remotely can be a big adjustment. At first, you may find yourself isolated from human interaction or facing unexpected feelings of frustration, anxiousness, stress, and isolation. Remember that all transitions take time to complete successfully, so never be too hard on yourself. Following the tips above, you can make working remotely a rewarding experience.

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