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I was absolutely thrilled to welcome Andi Saitowitz to my podcast recently. As a global personal development strategist, transformation coach, and author of Rise and Shine: A Personal Development Journal, I was more than a little excited to hear her valuable insights on mastering mindset, gaining confidence in business, and what the Eiffel Tower can teach us about the path to success!
You can catch our full conversation here, or keep reading for the highlights.

What you’ll hear

● [1.45] About Andi Saitowitz’s background
● [5.00] How to find the motivation for change
● [7.25] Why entrepreneurs shouldn’t go it alone
● [10.20] Andi Saitowitz’s secrets for success
● [14.50] The right mindset to move from dreaming to doing
● [22.00] The daily habit that’ll help you gain confidence in business
● [25.10] How to cope when times are tough
● [29.00] What the Eiffel Tower can teach us about the path to success

All about Andi

While Andi is originally from South Africa, and now lives in Israel, she brings her experience and knowledge of EQ, NLP, positive psychology, and high-performance mindset coaching to individuals, leaders, and teams all around the world.

She’s always had a passion for personal development (in fact, one of her friends told her she’s basically been a life coach since the age of 6!), but her career path hasn’t been entirely linear and she’s undertaken many transformational journeys in her own life to get to where she is now.

Having studied for a BA in psychology and then a Masters in organisational communication, she worked in the non-profit sector for around 15 years before coming to the realisation that her true calling was in developing people and helping them actualise their highest potential and create effective change.

Finding the motivation to change

Andi says her transition from working in the non-profit sector to becoming a successful businesswoman felt like a natural shift — but it didn’t come overnight. Rather it was a slow evolution.

She explains, “It takes time to listen to that inner voice that’s telling you to try something new, and you really have to tap into your courage.”

I’m very aware of how many people come up with potentially brilliant business ideas…and how few ever actually turn those ideas into something more concrete, so I can’t help but ask Andi what gave her the motivation, the courage, and the strength to listen to that inner voice and launch her own business.

“You’re right, it does require bravery and strength to make a change. But if where we are now is no longer fulfilling us, if we know we want more and have this higher aspirational vision of where we want to be, ignoring that urge will only get you so far.

Because that little voice doesn’t quieten — it actually gets louder. And having the right tools, the right framework, and the right support system is critical because we aren’t actually wired to change alone. We are beings with a tremendously developed social interest and having the right coaches and the right support systems in place, enables us to move through transitions more effectively.

And that’s really what happened with me. I set myself up for success by surrounding myself with mentors, with guides, and with coaches and I worked on developing a learning mindset”.

Why entrepreneurs shouldn’t go it alone

While Andi credits the help of the people around her for giving her the courage and the tools to change her career path, she’s quick to point out that the need for an external support system didn’t end there.

As she says,“entrepreneurship is a lonely road”, and while we are all filled with inner talents, strengths, and capabilities, we need to surround ourselves with cheerleaders.

Andi believes it’s important to realise that “even if you are an entrepreneur creating your own business, you don’t have to do everything by yourself and it is so deeply rewarding to work together and create these “invisible teams” where you’re partnering with and supporting other people and taking part in joint ventures. It’s about surrounding yourself with people who want you to win — and being invested in their success as well”.

I couldn’t agree more with Andi on this. Collaboration is so important and while it can be hard to set our egos aside, especially when we’re starting out, we have to acknowledge that the people around us aren’t competition, they’re all potential collaborators.

What does Andi believe are the secrets to success?

As we talk more about what it takes to run a business, I’m intrigued to hear Andi’s views on what it takes to make a success of entrepreneurship.

We all know how scary the stats are: very few people actually make a success of their businesses, and fewer still manage to grow and scale year-on-year.

So what separates those who do just that from those who struggle? Presumably, we can’t rely on talent alone?

“I truly believe that the famous quote is right — success is about being a ‘work in progress and a masterpiece at the same time’.

What that means is saying,

‘I can master my mindset; I can grab hold of the limiting beliefs, the negative thoughts, the doubts, and the excuses that have the power to hold me back and sabotage me and reframe them so I can become the ultimate success I envision myself to be. At the same time I can embrace humility, learn from my mistakes, ask for help when I need it, and learn to stop striving for perfection. And I can be willing to mess up.’

That last part is critical because, in business, you are going to mess up. Any time we try something new or move out of our comfort zones, we’re going to have to stretch ourselves. And that territory is going to be unfamiliar.

But if we can master our mindsets and be that masterpiece, if we can choose our thoughts and choose which beliefs we want to cultivate and at the same time be willing to take a chance and potentially mess up big time, it’s that paradox that enables us to grow.”

The right mindset to move from dreaming to doing

At this point, I’m compelled to quiz Andi further on taking a tactical mindset approach in business.

So many business owners are great at dreaming — we all have goals we want to reach and can visualise them clearly. But dreaming is the easy part. Where we fall down is when we try to figure out how to move from that ‘wanting’ stage, to taking action to make our dreams a reality.

If that strikes a chord with you, Andi has some stellar advice.

“I think it takes a few stages…”

The first stage is getting really clear on your outcome. What is it that you really want? And I’m not talking in general statements like “I want to be wealthy”, I’m talking about granular, high-resolution detail, so not just thinking about what you want, but imagining clearly what your life is going to look and feel like when you’ve already attained whatever it is you want.

It’s that visualisation that gives us the ability to reverse-engineer our lives because when you have clear goalposts, you can extract very specific goals and milestones that you can then track and measure and work towards so that you’re headed in a very intentional, purposeful direction.

When you can look at your future self in great detail — what does she look like, how does she feel, what does a page in her diary look like — it creates a sort of magnetic force and helps you develop a laser-like focus on your path towards achieving that.

The second part is your values. Understanding why you are doing this is a critical step in achieving any goal, but it’s especially crucial in business. Knowing why it’s important to you is going to sustain you on a daily basis. Your new running shoes if you’re trying to get fitter or your new laptop when you’re building a business might give you a quick hit of energy but they’re not going to sustain you long-term. For long-term, sustained motivation you need to deeply connect to your values and know why you’re doing this.

Of course, there are practical elements too, like managing your time, setting boundaries, and being productive. But it’s those two things — having a clear vision and a deep connection to their purpose — that put people in a very different position from a motivational perspective and allow them to move towards their goal”.

Gaining confidence in business

As Andi shares her insights, one thing that strikes me is her aura of unwavering confidence. But was she always so self-assured or is this the confidence that comes from having made a huge success of her career transition?

And how can we harness some of her confidence for ourselves?

“Someone once gave me an amazing piece of advice that I hold dearly even today, because even though I’ve grown my business and am so proud of how far I’ve come, there’s always more I want to do, more I want to achieve, more impact to make.

And here it is:

Celebrate and recognise tiny wins.

We are often so focused on an outcome we think that we can only be proud of ourselves when we hit a specific goal, when we’re earning a certain amount of money, or when we’re having an impact on x amount of people.

But the truth is, that confidence can only be generated and cultivated with evidence.

We need to give ourselves proof, we need to see our wins, we need to recognise and acknowledge our efforts. We need to be proud of ourselves way sooner and recognise daily wins and say to ourselves after every step, “wow, I’m really proud of myself, look what I tried, look what I did, look what I learned”. Because even if you mess up, you gain new insight, discover something new about yourself, or learn how not to do something.

Every step of the way, on any transformational journey, there are plenty of prizes to be won. And it’s up to us to notice them.

If we hold out for when we’ve run that marathon or lost 10kgs, we’ll give up long before we get there. Learning to celebrate those daily wins and track our efforts is a great way to build momentum and grow our confidence.”

About this episode

Meet Andi Saitowitz, a global personal development strategist, transformation coach, and author of Rise and Shine: A Personal Development Journal.

I was more than a little excited to hear her valuable insights on mastering mindset, gaining confidence in business, and what the Eiffel Tower can teach us about the path to success!

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