how to boost your blog

How To Boost Your Blog To Earn More Money

How To Boost Your Blog To Earn More Money

Once you know how, boosting your blog is as easy as one, two, three. There’s no one secret to expanding your blog, but there are useful tips and tricks for getting ahead and driving traffic to your domain in droves. Promoting your blog is going to take time and resources but needn’t require much money if you’re savvy and technologically inclined. If you’re using your blog as an additional site to boost traffic to your main website, then it’s crucial you know how to make your blog work for you. If you’re to be successful in business, then you need a great site to have you financially successful. If your blog is a personal one, then you’re still in the running for making money if it becomes popular.

Get Organised

If your website and blog are hugely successful then chances are, you’re going to be making a pretty penny. Make sure you keep important files like contract agreements and proof of income safe. You can create paystubs by using a check stub maker online and then keep them all in one place. You cannot afford to waste time each year trying to sort a scatter of paperwork to try and file your taxes. You can get organised and avoid being messy and leaving it to the last minute, or you can pay to have an accountant sort your files and documents for you. This will incur a charge, but it means that this worry is out of your hair and you’re free to give your time to other pressing matters like improving business processes and management.

Harness The Power Of Social Media

Social media can be the difference between failure and success, so make sure you are harnessing its power if you’re to boost your blog. Social media is used by millions of people worldwide, so being active and noticeable across it is going to help ramp up your blog traffic margins and money making prospects. Expand your internet presence and create sharing options for your content to be more widely distributed. The more people your blog reaches, the more chance it has to soar in popularity, and more views mean more advertising opportunities. If your blog is advertisement dense, then you’re going to boost the likelihood of making money. If you haven’t already, then create a Patreon platform and get paid for your creative work should users wish to depart with some of their money.

Be Engaging

To drive traffic to your blog, you’ll need to make it stand out from the rest. Think about using SEO copywriting that includes headlines and keywords. Also, use a visually appealing and stimulating appearance to your blog. You can achieve this by adding a simple yet bold banner and an aesthetically pleasing layout free from clunky and fussy fonts. Keep it clean and use muted colours so as not to bombard your viewers and attack their senses. Engage your readers by using some video content, as it’s far easier to click play than it is to read through reams of text.

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  1. Manpreet on 2018-05-04 at 9:49 am

    Those are some great suggestions to boost the blog.

    I have a few more suggestions to add
    1. Add in more content. The more you post, the better it is.
    2. Try to improve the DA of your blog. Better DA = better earning opportunities.
    3. Make your blog SEO optimised. Get that Google love for your blog.
    4. Share. Share. Share.
    5. Diversify your content – make videos, podcasts, be active on instagram, twitter, & facebook.

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