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Five Effective Strategies to Increase Blog Traffic

As a freelance writer, you’ve dreamed for some time about starting your own blog. Finally, after months of hard work, you launch your very own website and blog. While your friends and family members are flocking to your blog and giving you a lot of positive feedback, you definitely want to boost your number of visitors.

Fortunately, there are a number of proven tips and techniques that will help attract more people to your blog. For example, check out the following five effective ideas:

Post New Material as Often as Possible

Making an effort to update your blog frequently with new posts is a good first step in increasing your traffic. Of course, you don’t want to merely post fluff; focus on creating great content that is interesting, relevant and/or funny and will entice people to come back to read more — and will encourage search engines like Google to notice you.

Choose a Reliable Network

To help your blog be as successful and popular as possible requires having robust technology. For example, if you routinely post new blogs while on the go from your smartphone or tablet, you definitely need a reliable network that won’t restrict your usage or tack on extra fees. A great example of a blog-friendly network is the 4G LTE network that is available from T-Mobile; it is the country’s most reliable, quickest and fastest-growing network, and you can use it as much as you like to post your blogs.

Don’t Be Shy About Self-promotion

If you are reluctant to toot your own blog horn, try to get over this feeling and spread the word about your blog on social media. You can promote your new posts with WordPress’ Publicize feature, which will automatically notify your Facebook friends, Twitter and Instagram followers and LinkedIn connections the second you publish a new post. If you are not working with WordPress, you can still easily post a link to your new blog on your social media sites along with an eye-catching photos and an enticing quip about the subject matter.

Become the King or Queen of Comments

A relatively simple yet effective way to increase traffic to your blog is to become an active commenter. Respond to all comments made on your blog; this will let your readers know that you truly value what they have to say and increase the chances of them becoming a loyal follower. You can also leave comments on other blogs that you like; if you include your own blog’s URL in the comment and what you are posting is interesting, it might entice people who are reading the comments to click on your blog and check it out.

Consider Being a Guest Blogger

While you definitely want to put as much energy as you can into posting new articles on your own blog, becoming a guest blogger is also a great way to get the word out about your mad writing skills. Feel free to reach out to established bloggers that you like, and inquire about being a guest blogger for them; this will help expose you and your work to the other bloggers’ fans. You can also ask a popular blogger to write a guest post on your blog; this can also help boost the number of people who are checking out your site.

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