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Hi! I’m Lilach

The world needs your ideas. It’s my  job to help you share them. From the world speaker circuit, to gracing Forbes, I’ve helped entrepreneurs & creators like you to reach your goals faster and easier.

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Sian Young is a health and lifestyle coach who has helped over 5000 women transform their health, wellbeing, & mindset. She’s been through everything—homeless for 7 years, bedridden for 2 years, & 20+ years in business. 

Sian’s work focuses on the effect that environmental toxicity has on human health & the link between that and inaction in sustainability. Her mission is to take care of future generations by detoxifying the present. 

What You’ll Hear

  • [1:27] About Sian and her background
  • [9:51] The difficult life on the street 
  • [12:20] How Sian broke free 
  • [18:19] Moving forward from homelessness 
  • [19:52] Forgiveness 
  • [22:31] Sian and working 
  • [27:19] How Sian found success 
  • [28:43] Sian’s tips for overcoming challenges 
  • [29:25] Sian on resilience 
  • [31:07] Find Sian online 

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About Sian and Her Background 

Sian is an entrepreneur & has been building businesses for 20 years. 

As a youth, she suffered through traumas including physical, mental, & emotional abuse, multiple rapes, being thrown out by her father which led to her being homeless for 7 years, drug use & selling, & being bedridden from malnutrition. 

As a young single mother, Sian was determined to live a future that would be different to her past. She’s now a shining example of what you can do when you put your mind to it!

The Difficult Life On The Street 

Sian stands by the fact that she’s blessed & she believes that part of her purpose is to share her story to inspire & help others who are going through similar things. 

Sian’s life on the streets included stealing food, experiences with drugs, being raped multiple times, & being taken advantage of by adults who preyed on vulnerable children like her for the drug trade. 

However, despite the hard life on the street, Sian managed to avoid getting caught up in the drug trade, which she names as almost a miracle. 

How Sian Broke Free From Street Life 

Sian had reached a point where she was so severely ill from her life on the street that she was, as she put it, waiting to die. 

Years earlier, she’d been invited to her ex-headmistresses house for Christmas, & her son happened to come across Sian as she lay ill. She couldn’t even remember who he was, but he offered her a space in his apartment where she could be warm & safe. 

This was the first time Sian really saw people living normal lives. For the first time in her life she began to understand that the way she’d been living was wrong. With the encouragement of her friend, she began to take steps to change her life, which started with seeing a doctor for her poor health. 

Moving Forward From Homelessness 

Sian admits that her success didn’t come overnight. It took years of “following breadcrumbs”, taking action, & learning from others. During this time she met a kind lady who took her in and became a mother figure, showering her with unconditional love & caring for her. 

She encouraged Sian to move forward and find success, that she shouldn’t let her past life stop her. That was instrumental in Sian taking action to move forward from the life that had been holding her back. 


Part of moving forward was Sian’s journey of forgiveness, towards her mother, stepfather, & the men who had raped her. She reminds us that if we carry hate in our hearts, it’s only us who get rotten! 

She practises EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique tapping), human givens therapy, and energy work to balance herself and credits these therapies for helping her to forgive and find healing and success. 

Sian and Working 

Sian’s first job off the street was as a pole dancer in a strip club! But she’s done a variety of other things since then. 

When she was in the doctor’s office, Sian spotted a brochure for a watersports course, with happy, grinning people windsurfing. She decided that was what she wanted to do. 

After writing to 200 charities to try & get some sort of scholarship, she went straight to the top & wrote to Buckingham Palace asking for help! After explaining her life story, someone at the Palace wrote to a charity & insisted that they offer Sian the program.

She went to Australia & studied watersports. Once qualified, Sian moved back to Scotland, only to discover that the water was freezing & she’d made a big mistake! 

She also had experience with gardening jobs, cleaning jobs, and other odd jobs. At some point, she sat back and thought about everything she could do. She realised that she could build a business with the knowledge that she had. 

Her first job was selling pole dancing fitness classes in her own living room. She had such success that she soon moved into a studio space, advertised, invited a local magazine for a free class, & the rest was history!

Through that single business, she’s helped 5000+ women gain confidence & improve their health and wellness through pole dancing. 

How Sian Found Success 

Living sustainably has always been a passion for Sian. In 1991, she had a dream about a centre, which she drew & kept as a goal. In 2012, her then-not-yet-met husband started writing a business plan for the exact same thing. 

In 2015, they met & realised that they had the same dream. From there, they created the Centre for Sustainable Action. They teach business owners how to make their businesses sustainable, incorporate sustainable strategies, but not forget about the human needs of the business owner & employees. 

Their goal is to get people and businesses interacting with the planet & themselves more effectively. 

Sian’s Tips for Overcoming Challenges 

Surrender! Sian reminds us that pushing forward is not always the right way to go. Sometimes we push the wrong way, sometimes we exhaust ourselves. You need to incorporate self-care, give yourself time to listen, & take action from there. 

Sian on Resilience 

Lilach brings up the idea of “the bigger the pain, the greater the success”. Sian agrees & adds her own quote: The blessings are in the lessons! 

She believes that her resilience comes from self-care, faith, meditation & prayer, & the deep conviction that we’re all here for a reason. 

She says that if you’re hustling on the surface but not looking deeper, you’re missing the golden nuggets! 

Find Sian Online 

Sian spends a lot of time on LinkedIn, so it’s the best place to reach her. She also has a Facebook profile, but she’s a little less active there. 

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