Paul Wilson on consistency and doing the hard things, recognizing and changing a negative mindset, and selling… that naughty 7-letter word

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Paul Wilson is a mindset coach and self-proclaimed “baggage handler” who works with ambitious business people to get their heads on straight. 

He’s dedicated the last three decades of his life to helping people. For many years, it was as the Emergency Response Manager at the Channel Tunnel, working with emergency services and authorities to predict, prevent, and plan for catastrophes in the train system. 

Since he left there, he’s been a mindset coach and hypnotherapist who focuses on helping people get out of their own way and achieve great things! 

What You’ll Hear

  • [1:18] About Paul and his background 
  • [6:00] Paul on his hypnosis & coaching beginnings 
  • [8:57] Paul on taking action 
  • [12:49] On consistency and doing the hard things 
  • [15:17] Preventing stagnation in business 
  • [16:30] Marketing yourself vs hiring a marketer 
  • [22:09] Recognizing and changing a negative mindset 
  • [24:14] Selling, that naughty 7-letter word 
  • [29:28] Habits & New Year’s resolution 
  • [33:14] The instant gratification trap 
  • [34:34] The most interesting moment in Paul’s life 
  • [36:34] Where you can find Paul 

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About Paul Wilson and His Background 

Paul left school quite early and became an odd-jobber. In the late 80s, he got a job at the Channel Tunnel, where he remained for 25 years, mostly happy. 

In October 2017, Paul was knocked off his bicycle on his way to work. A broken arm meant he couldn’t do his job, so he had 6 weeks of sitting around and wondering about his future. 

Once healed, he went back to work, fully intending to carry on. But a few hours later he found himself free of a job, having (accidentally but not really) told his HR manager that he was quitting. 

His initial idea was to become a pro photographer, as he was a very keen amateur. However, he was talked down by photographer friends who told him that it wasn’t worth going pro. 

In the year that followed, he did a stand-up comedy course, got in shape, did a social dynamics course, and rediscovered something he’d loved before – hypnosis. 

Paul Wilson on His Hypnosis & Coaching Beginnings 

Paul did a weekend hypnosis retreat at the prompting of his personal trainer, who was also a hypnotherapist. He did his thing on a lady who was afraid of snakes & worms, but felt like nothing really happened. 

But when he received a video from her husband the very next day of this same lady picking up a wriggly worm and placing it out of the path, he realized something had happened. 

So he went out and got a teacher, bought every course he could get his hands on, and went full-on into it. However, when he realized that hypnosis only dealt with one small part of a person, he ventured into coaching so he could offer a more holistic experience. 

Paul Wilson on Taking Action 

Paul understands that the biggest challenge business people face is themselves! We create a million different issues for ourselves – being afraid, feeling undeserving, being closed-minded, fear of failure, fear of success, etc. 

This is what Paul calls your “baggage”. Most of it leads back to one or two specific events in early life, and Paul suggests that reaching the root cause is the key for fixing those issues. 

On Consistency and Doing The Hard Things 

Paul reinforces the fact that get-rich-quick schemes never work! Building a business is a challenge, more so than being an employee. You have to reeeeally want to make it work, and bring that over into your actions. 

Preventing Stagnation in Business 

As Paul illustrates, when a body of water stagnates, all the life within it dies or leaves. Relating it to business, the moment you get too comfy and stop taking action, stop putting yourself out there, and stop making plans to move forward, it’s ushering in the death of your biz! 

Marketing Yourself vs Hiring a Marketer 

Paul refers to this mindset as another “death knell” . If you don’t know how to do the marketing things (or accounting things, etc), how can you trust someone else to do it correctly and effectively for you? 

He highly recommends learning to do it yourself, as you’ll save money in the long run. It’s not difficult to learn as long as you understand how to target the right people and get yourself out there, building trust. 

Recognizing and Changing a Negative Mindset 

Paul gives interesting advice here – treat your business and your life like an experiment. Scientists do experiments to get results, but they don’t get attached to those results. Instead the results – whether success or failure – simply give them insight into what needs to change and push them forward to the next stage. 

Another important (and tricky) part is being 1,000,000% honest with yourself. Assess your work – are you working hard enough? Are you getting yourself out there? Are you getting stuff done? How productive are you truly being? 

Selling, That Naughty 7-Letter Word 

Paul’s trick for getting more comfy with selling is realizing that if you have a skill that can help others, you SHOULD be putting it out there. If you have a genuine ability to help, you absolutely should be selling that to others. 

To make it easier, Paul suggests not focusing on the result but instead on the process. Consistency is key – the 70/10/2 method suggests that even the worst sales person will end up making 2 sales for every 70 people they reach out to! 

Habits & New Year’s Resolutions 

Paul will poke you with a stick if you set new year’s resolutions, because nobody ever sticks to them. His view is that if you really wanted to do the thing, you’d already have started it, rather than waiting for an occasion. 

And you feel disappointed in yourself when you fail! Also, anyone you told about it sees you failing to meet those resolutions every year and subconsciously trust you less. 

The Instant Gratification Trap 

Just like losing weight, building a business takes time. There’s no instant gratification. Nobody wants to think about spending 5 years building a business (or a dream body), so many people just… Don’t ever start. Whereas, if you just do it right, do the things you know you need to do and do them consistently, you’d be successful. 

The Most Interesting Moment in Paul’s Life 

Paul was working at a ski resort in the Alps. Early in the morning, he jumped on the service lift and once at the top, he climbed to the top of the hill and watched the sunrise. The view of the peaks, clouds, and early morning sun has stuck with him ever since. 

Where You Can Find Paul 

Paul is everywhere! Connect with him here:






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