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Hi! I’m Lilach

The world needs your ideas. It’s my  job to help you share them. From the world speaker circuit, to gracing Forbes, I’ve helped entrepreneurs & creators like you to reach your goals faster and easier.

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Tune in to discover the top 99 lead generation tactics to grow and scale your B2B business

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Here is the list of 99 lead generation tactics

  1. Share success secrets from thought leaders
  2. Create helpful videos to solve issues for prospects
  3. Leverage the SEO power of customer reviews
  4. Create an interactive quiz or tool
  5. Provide gated offers with best practices
  6. Show what’s working for your company
  7. Create a useful spreadsheet
  8. Offer a deep-dive answer for a tough question
  9. Create a worksheet that simplifies a process
  10. Create a list of useful tools or resources
  11. Compile real-life examples with actionable takeaways
  12. Create a valuable email course
  13. Host a giveaway
  14. Create a template to simplify an everyday task
  15. Offer a free trial or a freemium product
  16. Offer a handy checklist 
  17. Add Exit-Intent Popup Forms to Gather Leads
  18. Use On-Site Retargeting to Re-engage Leads
  19. Automate Your Email Marketing Campaigns
  20. Use Case Studies to Encourage Purchases
  21. Create Ads On Social Media to Drive High-Quality Leads
  22. Publish Social Media Posts Regularly
  23. Build a Business Blog to Drive More Interest
  24. Create More Content to Build More Traffic
  25. Optimize All of Your Content to Improve Your Ranking
  26. Share More Long-Form Content to Engage Readers
  27. Add Push Notifications to Extend Reach
  28. Write Q&A Style Blog Posts to Build Expert Status
  29. Perform Market Research to Inform Your Audience
  30. Add Testimonials to Your Content for Social Proof
  31. Develop Lead-Gen Offers that Are Irresistible
  32. Create PPC Ads On Google to Drive More Traffic
  33. Use FOMO to Entice Leads to Convert
  34. Run A/B Tests to Improve Lead Conversions
  35. Create a Free Course as a Lead Magnet to Entice Leads
  36. Make Your Newsletter Valuable with Insider Insights
  37. Repurpose Content Into Other Formats
  38. Optimize Your Website for Mobile Devices
  39. Get Featured On Guest Blogs to Extend Reach
  40. Build a Chatbot for Your Website to Engage Visitors
  41. Write Whitepapers to Showcase Product Benefits
  42. Attend Online Events to Expand Network
  43. Host Your Own Webinars to Attract Leads
  44. Host Live Video Events for Better Engagement
  45. Create SlideShare Presentations to Demonstrate Expertise
  46. Develop Fun Quizzes to Engage Leads
  47. Build a B2B Podcast to Target Audio Lovers
  48. Add CTAs in Your Podcasts to Grow Leads
  49. Be a Guest On Other Podcasts to Expand Reach
  50. Create Infographics for Your Audience to Share
  51. Ask Your Customers for Reviews for UGC (user-generated content)
  52. Ask Your Best Customers for Referrals
  53. Offer a Free Consultation to Build Trust
  54. Create a Free Interactive Tool to Engage Visitors
  55. Offer a Free Trial to Create Interest
  56. Create a Buyer Converter Product (cheaper & less comprehensive to upsell)
  57. Give Special Offers to Create Exclusivity
  58. Optimize Your Opt-In Popup Forms to Improve Conversions
  59. Split Test Lead Magnet Offers to See What Works
  60. Segment Your Lead Magnet Campaigns
  61. Turn Out-of-Stocks Into Opportunities
  62. Personalize Email Campaigns to Drive Leads
  63. Conduct Surveys with Leads and Customers
  64. Build a Network On LinkedIn
  65. Conduct Regular Website Audits to Improve SEO
  66. Partner with Influencers to Grow Visibility
  67. Get Rid of Broken Links
  68. Send Corporate Gifts to Prospective Customers
  69. Build an Online Community Using Groups
  70. Answer Questions On Quora to Build Leads
  71. Build a Landing Page for Each Target Audience (and Product)
  72. Target Top-of-the-Funnel Keywords
  73. Use Ad Retargeting to Bring Leads Back
  74. Use social proof to inspire newsletter subscriptions
  75. Include a referral bonus in your email
  76. Partner with other companies to offer discounts outside of your domain
  77. Create different levels of content for consumption
  78. Recruit early users to reveal barriers to success
  79. Offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse to qualified users
  80. Turn your CRM and email lists into lookalike audiences
  81. Retarget website visitors with content recommendations
  82. Create a book or ebook
  83. Joint webinars
  84. Host a virtual summit
  85. Optimize (and scale) outbound connection requests on LinkedIn
  86. Share long-form updates on LinkedIn
  87. Social listening and groups on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn
  88. Leverage niche online communities
  89. Speak at industry events and conferences
  90. Get featured in major publications
  91. Go on local (or national) television
  92. Be interviewed on relevant podcasts and radio shows
  93. Host regular meetup events
  94. Provide a calculator
  95. Cross-promote on social media
  96. Repurpose content
  97. Creative cold email campaigns
  98. YouTube 
  99. Publish and promote more case studies

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