What is content development?

Content development represents another piece of the content marketing puzzle. 

The resources found on this page are meant to clarify the definition of content development, what its place in a content marketing strategy is, and bring in some interesting and helpful resources.

What is content development?

It is the process of gathering information, producing the text, video or infographic, and publishing it for a specific purpose. This purpose may refer to the stimulation of a sales or marketing result or the creation of new connections with targeted audiences.

What is the place of content development in a content marketing strategy?

It represents a major part of a content marketing strategy. Each type of content has to be linked to a certain goal: lead generation, organic traffic, conversions, brand awareness, etc.. This process defines the content that will be used to create the content marketing strategy.

It has two phases:

1. Analysis Phase:

  • Blog traffic
  • Organic search visibility
  • Top landing pages
  • Converting blog posts
  • Blog post frequency
  • Blog topic analysis
  • Content length
  • Top linked content
  • Blog posts that drive internal traffic
  • Blog conversion paths  

2. Planning and Scheduling Phase:

  • Find out the correct keywords
  • Content interviews with clients
  • Monthly themes for articles

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