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What is a content strategy?

Content development represents another piece of the content marketing puzzle.

The purpose of this page is to explain the meaning of a content strategy, how it can be created, and offer a few useful resources that are of great help in this process.

What is a content strategy?

By definition, the result of this process is to accomplish any business demand based on content development and distribution. Even if a lot of people can design, create or write content, this type of plan involves a person that has the answer to two important questions: “what are our objectives” and “how can we use content to reach those objectives?”

How can a content strategy be designed?

Each company has its own rules for creating this type of process, but there are a few important steps that can help transform a business objective into content ready to be published:

  1. Defining the business objective
  2. Understanding the audience
  3. Defining goals and metrics
  4. Imagining the type of content needed
  5. Creating a content prototype to test on the audience
  6. Repeating this process for a few times before launching the main initiative
  7. Publishing the final content

The content that will be published has to meet specific criteria in order to be adequate and to bring results:

  • Appropriate
  • Useful
  • Clear
  • Based on the needs of the user
  • Consistent
  • Supported
  • Concise

Useful resources for defining and launching a perfect content strategy

Want to create a flawless content strategy for your company?

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Check out these useful resources to get started creating perfect content:

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