What is a content strategist?

Without a strategy in place, your content and your results will suffer. 

This resource page will guide you through the meaning of a content strategist, the skills required to deliver perfect content, and a few useful resources that can help you create great content.

What is a content strategist?

 A content strategist is a person that masters the art of content based on several important skills: content creation, SEO, content promotion, social media, editing, creating audience personas, etc.. With these abilities, this inbound marketer can create, manage, deliver, and increase the content strategy of a business.

What skills are needed for creating perfect content?

The abilities of a content strategist can be defined by the cores of a successful brand content strategy:

  1. Knowing your foundations – defining a CDF (Content Differentiation Factor); understanding the definition of ROI, tracking and generating it; discovering the ideal topic that can define the company as an authority in the field.
  2. Audience disclosure and brand stand – identifying the target audience and developing audience personas; discovering the stages of awareness of the audience personas; developing and keeping a unique brand style for stability.
  3. Keywords – searching for keywords; determining the goals of the content strategy and choosing the ideal keywords; understanding SEO and SEO factors; knowing how to make use of any type of keyword.
  4. Building authority – creating content to generate organic traffic; structuring authority content; using internal and external links; writing guest blogs to generate ROI; using social media for content promotion.
  5. Content creation – creating popular content ideas; using tools for an efficient creation process; creating content for the sales funnel’s stages; developing texts that can build brand awareness and have SEO value.
  6. Editorial calendar and post-publishing – promoting content; setting content budgets; making use of email marketing, social media, and content marketing at the same time; creating an editorial calendar; performing a content audit; tracking, evaluating, and updating content.


Getting started as a content strategist with some useful tools


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