There’s a New King in Town

I’ve been thinking about the phrase “Content is king”.

What sort of a king is your content? In other words, how effective are the articles, blogs and social media updates you post?

A good king or queen doesn’t hold power just for the sake of it – they do so to improve the lives of their people. To have a positive impact. To make a difference.

Does your content make a difference to the lives of anyone who reads it? Does it positively affect them? Or, like a bad king, are you simply going through the motions when you’re publishing new content, putting it out there simply so you’ve got something to show your subjects?

My point is this: if your content’s poor, you’re not doing anyone any favours. Not your audience, whose time you’re wasting, and not your business, whose brand you’re diluting.

If you’re going to publish content, it has to be strong. If you’re going to leave an impression, it has to be a positive one. That’s what separates the good brands from the bad, or rather the good kings from the incompetent ones.

If you’re failing to get the sort of engagement, shares and traffic you’re hoping for, perhaps it’s time you abdicated responsibility for your content.

To better connect with your audience, talk to me about my content creation service. I’ll craft it, you publish it and your subjects (okay, customers) will lap it up. If content is king, make sure yours goes down in history for being great.

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  1. Sathish Arumugam


    Just before, I did come across an article by Max Greece on about avoid writing content that no one reads. Walking through this piece of article on your blog, witnessed that content shouldn’t be bad king. I loved your insight about creating a content that engages and makes difference.

  2. Sai Mithun

    I loved your insights of a compilation about creating content that engages and makes difference. I hope this king stands up forever. keep moving.


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Lilach Bullock


10 Jan, 2021


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