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Lilach is a great professional and a lovely person to work with. We have been working together on a link building campaign for a few months now, and I am very happy with the results.
We managed to get coverage from several leading industry websites, which considerably helped us boost our own website ranking. Lilach is attentive to details and is always happy to amend created content according to our requests.
I look forward to continuing working with Lilach!

Social Animal

It was a pleasure working with Lilach. She was very responsive and knows exactly what people want. We love what she has done and how well she picked up the threads and the essence of our tool and put it all together in a professional and inspiring way.

Paul Ribbons

I was amazed at how much knowledge she has of her field. Her service was always professional and we got great results.


Lilach is a social media expert par excellence but even more important from our perspective, she understands that successful marketing and sales is based on fundamentals of consistency and hard work.

Tools Journal

After trying many social media experts, we are pleased to say that Lilach understands the essence of social media and helped us take the first steps of social media engagement. She showed us immediate results with her expertise.

Flex Learn

Lilach was like a breath of fresh air. Our sessions together were extremely helpful not to mention invaluable as well as being great fun. We are now much more focused and our business has improved dramatically as a result.


Working with Lilach has been fantastic and our product review has generated positive ROI within the first month. Her review of Canddi was comprehensive and far more detailed than I had ever imagined.

The Giving Card

Lilach is a true professional and expert on all aspects of social media. Her strategy for the Giving Card has been faultless and she has constantly over-achieved on targets.


Lilach is the perfect person to cater for all your needs. She is social media savvy, knows her subject inside out and is fantastic at getting those all-important results.

Meades Contractors

Lilach’s expertise of social media is incredible. Within six months of working with her, I had created a fully functioning blog and was writing pieces regularly. She also helped me to develop our company’s Twitter profile from average to extraordinary.

Anneesh Elizabeth

Lilach is a true master of social media, and has a great business mind too. As a speaker, Lilach delivers great content and creates a good connection with people.

Business Intelligence Group

Lilach has been instrumental in helping us grow our business and audience in an organic way. Her advice, tips and recommendations were spot in in guiding us through the tumultuous waters of social media and website development.

My Kids Time

“Working with Lilach was a pleasure. Not only was she excellent at getting us to take a step back and really focus on our business, revenue streams and target customer markets, she also had some excellent advise that really helped us and our business. I would recommend Lilach to any business owner looking to change direction, grow their business or just get a clearer picture of what their business strategy should be.

LinkedIn for Success

Lilach is one of the ABSOLUTE VERY BEST at her game, Social Media Marketing and giving advice and tips on social media. She walks the talk. Lilach does not hold back in empowering others with her experience.


Having worked with Lilach personally on a couple of projects, I can pretty much say all her methods are very strategically driven. She is a proven social media expert with an incredible talent to create compelling stories that are very detailed and align with an organization’s objective. She is a very friendly person who is always willing to share her expertise with others, I am very pleased to have worked with her.

45 Degrees East

My partner, Lior and I had a startup consultation call with Lilach just a couple of weeks ago. We had started an instagram marketing agency and although we knew Instagram marketing, we were lacking some good business direction and a plan to make our business sustainable over the long term. After having the call with Lilach, we completely changed our business around. She provided such useful insights from someone who had a lot more experience than us doing what we were doing. Everything she told us was so on point, and you can tell that she really understands the market that she consults in. Furthermore, she gave us incredible advice as to where we could/should take our business over the years, which I believe will be a real game-changer for our business. If you’re on the fence, for whatever reason to meet with Lilach, just know that both my partner and I felt the meeting with her was priceless!!! Highly recommend anyone anyone who needs some help boosting their business off the ground.

Branding for the People

Lilach is a results-oriented and proven social media expert. Unlike other social media experts, Lilach has tried-and-true systems and strategies to help entrepreneurs increase their exposure and online traffic.


Lilach has an incredible talent for identifying how a company uncovers and effectively targets its customers. When working with tech companies, regardless of scale, she is quick to highlight where a brand may be able to extend its reach.

Counter Child Trafficking

Lilach’s best-in-class social media strategy and execution helped ensure the counter child trafficking conference reached as large and targeted an audience as possible.

Jewish Volunteering Network

Lilach is an expert but so willing to share her expertise. We wouldn’t be where we are today without her friendly and useful advise and support.

James Grabr

Lilach is really amazing, totally gets social and delivered way above my expectations. I could not recommend her more, very professional and gets the job done!

Traine Traide

“Despite the varied ability levels of delegates, everyone agreed that through Lilach’s approachable style, and extensive knowledge they had learnt a vast amount from the session and were ready to start making real changes in their businesses”

Chartered Institute of Public Relations

“The talk was jam-packed full of practical takeaways and delegates were given the chance to present their social media problems. One of our members said it was one of the best talks on social she had ever attended.”


“I have had the pleasure of working with Lilach and I can say I highly appreciate her professionalism and attention to detail. Lilach has the ability to sense what the audience considers necessary and important what worked greatly for our cooperation and its effects. She represents solid knowledge and experience in digital marketing but first of all, she’s an extraordinarily kind person. Looking forward to running our next projects in the future!”


“Lilach’s insights gave a great contribution to our new communication strategy and relaunch.”

Institute of Aviation

“Great content – delivered in a professional manner – excellent illustration. Lilach is a professional and her ability to come up with interesting concepts of social media is great.”

The Chartered Institute of Marketing

“Lilach was one of our specialist ‘Dr Digitals’ and she was amazing. No holds barred! Delegates left the workshop with results-driven specific actions to ensure that their tweets and and blogs would work to meet the objectives of their organisation.”


“Lilach managed to provoke a high level of creative and lateral thinking from the delegates and stimulated the participants to stretch their thinking and ideas”.

The Telegraph Summit

“Lilach has the rare ability to light up a room when she speaks. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a keynote speaker or facilitator”.

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Lilach Bullock
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