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LinkedIn for Business: How to Get Started

linkedin for business

Social media is a big part of digital marketing today. Every business has the opportunity to engage their (potential) customers directly through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Each platform has its own characteristics too, allowing for a more personalized experience and approaches. You may already have a profile on Twitter and Instagram, but…

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How to create a social media calendar [Free Template]

How to create a social media calendar + template

Social media marketing can be very overwhelming. You have to post new content every day, on some social networks even several times a day, you need to diversify your updates and you also need to be quick to respond to any mentions and comments. But if you organise yourself with a social media calendar, it…

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Everything you need to know about hashtags

everything you need to know about hashtags

Ever since the first ever hashtag was used back in 2007 on Twitter, the popularity of hashtags has continuously grown and they have become a huge part of some of the biggest social networks. So in this blog post, I will be covering everything there is to know about hashtags: the do’s and don’t’s, how,…

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