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The evolution of content marketing [Infographic]

The evolution of content marketing [infographic]

A great majority of businesses, small and big, are using content marketing in some form or another. But how much do you know about the history of this highly effective marketing form? The guys and gals over at Venngage (thanks again!) have helped me create this infographic on the evolution of content marketing, chronicling its history…

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5 Tools to Design Beautiful Infographics

5 tools to design beautiful infographics

In recent years, visual content has been dominating readers’ preferences, whether it’s images, video or infographics. Their creation, unfortunately, is a bit more difficult and time-consuming than a regular blog post. So in this post, I’m going to cover everything you need to know about how to create an infographic and the tools that will do…

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How to convert Twitter data into an infographic

how to convert twitter data into an infographic

I’ve been having a lot of fun researching for my upcoming Twitter tools post. I’m now at 140 tools! It’s going to be an epic blog post and will provide heaps of value (covering everything from social media dashboards, influencer tools, imagery, analytics, measuring, location, engagement, spy tools and so much more!) – watch this…

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