Are you our next SEO and Link Building Expert?

My small company is expanding!  We provide content marketing, consulting and speaking services globally.  We specialise in tech, software and B2B marketing companies but do also from time to time have other niches.

We are seeking an experienced SEO Link Building & Outreach Specialist to help us build awareness and backlinks profitably and safely. Our goal is to get top search spots for the right keywords – and we need your help to do it. 

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • An experienced link builder with at least 2+ years experience and connections with relevant publications, bloggers and websites in our industry: B2B, marketing, blogging, entrepreneurship
  • Someone who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty promoting content to get people talking about it and linking to it. This job is not for the shy or those who need every minute of their day laid out for them. We’re looking for an Internet-savvy creative with the outreach capacity of an experienced salesman.
  • Experienced writer who can write quality content and include relevant links as organically as possible 
  • Someone with effective communication skills including solid understanding of English grammar and professional writing ability
  • Internet savvy a must (know a lot about being on the internet or doing things with the internet)
  • Internet friendly creative that can interact within multiple online communities and build relationships with ease
  • Strong analytical skills and ability to understand, report and act on data
  • Innovative, inquisitive and effective problem solver
  • Proficient in conducting research online
  • Self-motivated and enjoys working in a fast-paced and results driven environment

Job description:

  • You will be contacting website owners, bloggers, social media folks, posting on message boards, writing blog comments, doing lots of Google searches, etc. – basically, anything you can do to help us generate more quality backlinks! 
  • Pitching online publications and blogs with content ideas and outlines (as per the blog’s guidelines)
  • Following up regularly to get content published 
  • Leveraging your industry connections to get relevant, quality backlinks 

We’re looking for someone who has the knowledge, experience and capacity to work on their own: someone who is proactive, who knows how to get quality links and who doesn’t need any hand holding along the way. This is your project and we want you to OWN IT 😀 

And of course, we’ll give you access to the tools and software you need to do your job as effectively as possible – all you need to bring to the table is your enthusiasm and experience!

Here’s what else you’ll get:

  • A dynamic, exciting workplace
  • Flexibility: work from home (or wherever you want!) and pick your own hours – we just care about the results!
  • Sense of ownership (it’s all your project!)
  • Salary based on experience and results

To apply please use the form provided below: