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Dear (first name)

Years ago converting your website visitors into leads and sales was dead easy.

Remember the days when you could create an ebook and post it up on your site and watch the leads come in?

I can even remember when you could simply add a newsletter and get people to optin

Those days are long gone.

We’re in an ocean full of noise. And every year it gets noisier, busier, more expensive and harder to convert traffic into sales.

Ebooks are ten a penny; nobody wants to sign up to just another newsletter; even a free webinar (where you have to sit through an hour without being able to skim, waiting for the offer at the end) doesn’t cut it anymore

We need to be more creative with incentivising people to give up their precious email addresses.

But it can be hard to come up with something different

I’m a huge fan of interactive content (remember Buzzfeeds quizzes?)

Which is why I’m super excited to introduce you to Calconic (an interactive and very easy to use calculator tool)

I never realised how exciting a calculator could be 😀

And if you’ve read this far already, trust me, you wanna carry on to see what magic they can do for your business

Quite simply, you can create any type of calculator (you have the ability to use Calconic’s clever templates or if you’re feeling smart, create your own)

My personal favourites and that work really well to generate leads for my business are:

  • ROI calculators (perfect for showing off the value of your services!)
  • Price quote calculators
  • Conversion calculators
  • Budget calculators

Are you ready to create your first interactive calculator and start generating leads on steroids? Try Calconic for free here.


PS Want to get some ideas of what kinds of calculators you can create? Check out my extensive review of Calconic here and try out our own calculators so you can see them in action 🙂

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Lilach Bullock


10 Feb, 2020


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