365 days+ Editorial calendar


Forget about struggling to come up with amazing blog post ideas.

Or keyword research. Or headlines. I’ve done it all for you. With 50+ keyword suggestions, 250+ headline ideas and the most up-to-date editorial calendar you’ll ever need, you’ll become a content ROCKSTAR in no time.

Here’s what you get:

Over 250+ headline ideas:

  • There’s a calendar for all major niches: business, finance, pets, fashion and many more! 
  • 250+ personalized headlines for each niche
  • Editable calendar template with 10+ categories and even more suggestions and ideas for valuable content 

SEO-optimized content:

  • 50+ keyword suggestions for focus keywords to help you create SEO-optimized content 
  • Headline suggestions for each keyword 
  • Easy-to-follow SEO checklist to ensure you’re optimizing each blog post for search engines 

All this means that you will:

  • Improve your search rankings and get more organic traffic 
  • Create only content that your audience actually wants to read 
  • Never have to worry about coming up with another blog post idea for the next YEAR 
  • Generate more traffic and shares, as well as more leads and sales! 


  • Rolodex of useful tools to help you create amazing content 
  • Editorial calendar guide to help you plan out all of your content for the next year 
  • Headline swipe file with over 250+ headline suggestions 
  • Content writing checklist
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