Moolah Matters

Yes, we’re going there.


Money matters. The green stuff. Moooooolah.

I know, I know.

I may as well be on a political rant or preaching to ya.

It’s one of those topics.

But we’re going there.

Price is one of those things that most coaches are a little scaredy cat to discuss. 

Like telling you when you’ve got toilet paper stuck on your shoe. 

Or when you’ve got something in your teeth. 

But I kinda feel you should know

(about the toilet paper, the rogue chia seed, aaaaaand the price) 

I mean, supermarkets don’t hide their prices. 

Why should coaches? 

And let’s be honest… 

We offer more long-term value than apples, toilet paper, and chia seeds anyway 😉

It’s scary.

Putting your prices out there.

I know people are skeptical, everyone has an opinion, and there’s aaaaalways a chance that someone gets offended. 

Or simply put off by my price before they even know all the good stuff they’ll get! 

But y’know, I like to practice what I preach. 

And I preach boldness, getting out of your comfort zone, and taking calculated risks. 

Which is what this pricing page is all about!

Outcome, Not Content

What are you actually buying when you invest in my programme or high-performance coaching? 

You may think you’re getting:

Which technically, you are. 

But ultimately, you’re not paying for the stuff.

You’re paying for the OUTCOME.

You’re buying: 

The thing is…

Most coaches and entrepreneurs aren’t transparent with their prices because they want to:

So, how about we break that annoying tradition?

Ladies and gentlemen, my pricing list:

Magnificent Marketing & Mindset Group Coaching Programme:


one-off fee

High-performance, bespoke, 1-on-1 business & mindset coaching


per 3-month package (£300/$400 per hour, includes unlimited email support) 

Now let’s talk about why it’s worth double that!

That’s it.

I’m not here to sell you junk.

I put my heart and soul into my Magnificent Marketing & Mindset Programme and my bespoke, high-performance coaching, and I’m pretty darn confident that they’re top class. 

Want results? I’m here to give ‘em to you.

The Disclaimer

I guarantee success on my Magnificent Marketing & Mindset Programme and my high-performance, bespoke business coaching. 

But you need to come to the party! 

If you’re not willing to:

… Well then, I don’t think you’re going to get your money’s worth.

‘K bye. You can leave now ☺

On the other hand, if you’re:

Then we’re going to do great things together.

Let’s talk about it!


Nope. In fact, this is something I teach in my programme and high-performance coaching. But I can promise that you’ll make your fee back if you use the strategies, make the changes, and put in the work. Which is almost the same thing, kinda. 

If a lump sum is a bit much for you, we can work out a monthly payment plan. Click one of the buttons above, get in touch, and ask about it! 

Ah, the all-important question. If you’re sensitive, it may be best to give yourself a pep talk and have some tissues handy before you read on. 

Okay. Here it is: 

Everyone can afford it. 

Here’s how my previous clients worked it out. 

  • Some took a loan 
  • Some put it on their credit card 
  • A few borrowed from family or friends 
  • Others saved up for it *gasp* 
  • Some took advantage of the monthly payment plan 
  • Posssssibly one or two robbed a bank teller 

The point is… 

If you’re not willing to make a temporary plan in order to be successful, then perhaps being in business for yourself isn’t for you.

If you take action… Make changes… Put in effort… And stay consistent… It WILL work. 

It may take a few months, but there’s no way your biz won’t change for the better! 

Go on. Try it.