Mark Firth on generating leads, running ads successfully, & the most important skill you should learn for business

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Mark Firth is the CEO of B2B Growth Team, a company that helps B2B consultants land their dream clients through a combination of organic & paid business strategies. He spent his early working years employed by big corporate companies like IBM & Siemens. Feeling unfulfilled, he left the UK & went in search of answers in Columbia, where he fell in love, started a family & a business & eventually landed up in Florida on an investment visa. 

What You’ll Hear

  • [1:45] About Mark Firth and his background
  • [3:08] Mark’s advice to those struggling in business 
  • [5:25] Mark on how to be a better salesperson 
  • [8:10] How Mark generates quality leads 
  • [13:52] Mark’s advice on running ads 
  • [17:30] Backing up your ads with content 
  • [18:32] Mark on learning how to market yourself 
  • [22:15] Mark on learning copywriting 
  • [26:02] What makes the top 3% more successful? 
  • [29:40] Mark’s advice to thrive in a global recession 
  • [30:20] Mark’s favourite place 
  • [31:22] Final comments 

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About Mark Firth and His Background 

Mark found his way to entrepreneurship after discovering how uncomfortable he was in the corporate world! After realising he was practically unemployable as a salesperson, he went on a mission to find his calling. 

Mark’s Advice to Those Struggling In Business 

Mark speaks from personal experience. The advice he would give himself back when he was struggling is to look at works for most people, most of the time. Don’t look at the exceptions, because statistically you most likely fit into the majority. 

To make sure you’re on the right track, as yourself, 1) can I do it? 2) can I do it in a reasonable time frame without getting divorced & breaking down my health? Also, for most people, it also doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a long journey. 

Mark On How To Be a Better Salesperson 

Mark hates sales, although he’s spectacular at selling! His first bit of advice is to fall in love with sales, because it’s hard to do anything consistently if you don’t believe in it. 

Second, build your business around doing sales the way that works for you. Mark hates Zoom sales calls, so he focuses most of his effort on live events & webinars or gets someone else to do his sales phone calls. 

How Mark Generates Quality Leads 

Mark refers to Chet Holmes & the buyer’s pyramid. Most businesses aim for the top 3%, those who are looking to buy urgently. Mark has found success by aiming for a percentage of the market that’s not urgently buying, but are open & receptive to information. 

He recommends adding a lower-commitment step, like a podcast or live Q&A sessions, which is what he does. These things start relationships & you can build on those. 

When it comes to attracting people to join his Q&As, Mark uses a combination of LinkedIn & YouTube. For others, he recommends finding where their target market spends time. You can find statistics to give you this info, but the foundational principles remain the same no matter what platform you’re on. 

Mark’s Advice On Running Ads 

People often think Facebook ads or YouTube don’t work. There are usually 2 reasons behind this: one, you don’t have an offer that’s appealing or it isn’t set up properly. Two, how long did you advertise & how long did you spend looking at the results? One of Mark’s ads took 7 months to see a return, but when it did, it was worthwhile. 

Mark also reminds us that ads only get people into your sphere. From there, you need to have your other marketing methods in place—email, SMS, nurturing your potential clients. The role of paid ads, in Mark’s opinion, is not to get clients. It’s to get their email or SMS details so you have the attention of that particular person so you can market to them directly. 

Lilach mentions that a small budget may be difficult to get great results with. Mark agrees and says that you should be able to get 3 to 4 good leads per $100 spent , which equals close to 2,000 leads per year. If you aren’t getting paying clients from that, then something else in your process is broken. 

He recommends setting aside $2,000 to test over 2 weeks, or between $50 and $100 per day over months. 

Backing Up Your Ads With Content 

Mark makes an important point—as soon as someone comes into their email list, they don’t ask for anything. They link back to YouTube, where they can provide value to people & it also gets their videos in the viewer’s ”suggested videos”. 

The objective is to have the time, focus, & energy of your target market. You can’t win clients without these things! From there, they invite viewers to events, which usually has a high success rate because they’ve received so much value from the videos and emails upfront. 

Mark On Learning How to Market Yourself 

Lilach asks if outsourcing is a good option to save time, or if everyone should learn these skills themselves. Mark believes that although learning these skills takes time, energy, & focus from you, it’s essential to learn them yourself. 

He also believes that copywriting is the number one skill business people should learn. If you can get attention & keep it with your language, and sell through stories, metaphors, and creative language, you’ll never have a problem. 

Mark On Learning Copywriting 

According to Mark, it comes down to discipline. Anybody can learn copywriting, but it takes time, effort, & focus over a long period of time, just like any other skill. 

Lilach agrees that you should learn to love selling, but disagrees that anyone can learn to be a good sales copywriter. Your copywriting can make or break your business, so she believes that if you don’t have a natural knack for it, you may be better off outsourcing it. 

Mark counters by saying that he agrees with Lilach, but it comes down to doing it, figuring out that you’re not good at it, & then knowing that outsourcing is the key! 

What Makes the Top 3% More Successful? 

Mark quotes his mum here! “Look at what people do, not what they say.” It comes down to action. Anybody can say that they want to achieve a goal, but it comes down to their patterns of behaviour. Most people say they want it, but there’s something keeping them where they are because it’s comfortable & they’re averse to change. 

Mark’s Advice To Thrive In a Global Recession  

A recession is a reshaping of the economy, which means it’s an opportunity. Some things will continue, others will grow out. Watch the change & be on the right side of it! 

Mark’s Favourite Place 

Inside his own head! Where he’s learnt to cultivate peace & quiet. Other than that, anywhere in nature where he can unplug from the world. 

Final Comments

Mark Firth spent a large portion of his life working a corporate job in London, he worked for companies like IBM and Siemens but he was left feeling unfulfilled.

He went in search of answers and an 11 year journey from the UK to Colombia for a decade, fell in love and stated a family and then a business.

He finally made it into Florida on an investment visa supported by his business.

He runs B2B Growth Team which has helped hundreds of B2B consultants to land clients through a mix of organic and paid business strategies

You can learn more about Mark at www.b2bgrowthteam.com, markfirthonline.com, or check out his YouTube channel.


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