Dmitry Kudrenko on email design vs plain text, how often you should be emailing your list, and why you should be using Stripo to create eye-catching designs

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Dmitry Kudrenko is the founder & CEO of Stripo.email and Yespo.io. He’s a lifelong entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in software development, & is an expert in email marketing automation. 

What You’ll Hear

  • [1:28] About Dmitry Kudrenko and his background 
  • [3:46] How and when Stripo began 
  • [7:53] What you can do in Stripo 
  • [8:26] Stripo’s competitors 
  • [11:13] Why use Stripo? 
  • [13:02] Plain text vs designed emails 
  • [19:05] How many emails is too many? 
  • [27:23] How to grow an email list 
  • [32:18] Business in Ukraine 
  • [35:13] Final comments 

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About Dmitry Kudrenko and His Background 

Dmitry is actually a mathematician who has ambitions to become a programmer & write code. His first company did outsourced web development. After several years, they decided to create their own products. 

After several unsuccessful attempts, they hit the jackpot with Yespo, which is a communications automation software for B2C companies. Stripo came later, but Dmitry is now known as a marketer despite being a mathematician at heart! 

How and When Stripo Began 

Dmitry acknowledges that the email marketing market is highly competitive & it’s nearly impossible to create something unique. When running Yespo, Dmitry & his team created an email editor, but began to wonder if they couldn’t create a separate SaaS tool that would do that job. 

They didn’t expect for it to turn into something big & scalable at that point. It was initially designed to help them generate leads for the Yespo platform. They decided to test it out & see if it was popular, which would mean that people weren’t satisfied with their current email providers design options. 

When it became popular, it made sense to separate it entirely from Yespo & make it its own company. 

What You Can Do In Stripo 

Stripo covers all the design & creation work associated with an email. Images, coding, testing, approving, & anything else involved in creation. Sending the email has to be done in a separate email provider. 

Stripo’s Competitors 

Dmitry reveals that Stripo has almost no competitors at all. Because they’re purely an editor & don’t include sending emails, they’ve avoided many of the problems that other hybrid solutions are plagued with. 

Why Use Stripo? 

While you can design emails in almost any email provider, Stripo focuses directly on the design element. They’re not just a drag-n-drop editor—they’re much more comprehensive & offer a vast array of tools compared to traditional email providers. 

Their emails are also designed to look great in every email provider, so no matter what the receiver is using, it works seamlessly. Stripo is also easy to use with little technical knowledge. 

Plain Text vs Designed Emails 

Dmitry believes that promotion should look like promotion, & most emails have some form of promotion in them. As an example, a plain text email for Black Friday is unlikely to be successful. 

Creation doesn’t have to be aggressive. It can just look attractive. Even B2B emails can benefit from design, even if it’s just branding & avoids animations, for example. For B2C ecommerce, you have to show your product, plain text is never enough. 

In Dmitry’s experience, design doesn’t affect open rate but it does affect click rate—you get more clicks on a beautifully-designed email & it’s easier to understand what you need to do, ie. the CTA. 

Design doesn’t affect deliverability—your reputation & the value you provide does that. 

How Many Emails Is Too Many? 

Dmitry suggests 2 to 3 emails a week, but it depends on your audience & your business model. Based on experiments with Yespo, Dmitry has found that 2 or 3 per week is the optimal number if your audience trusts you. 

You send more, you sell more. But you also get more unsubscribes, but the unsubscribes may be a different kind of audience. 

How to Grow An Email List 

Dmitry likens growing an email list to Aikido! There are 3 levels to it. One—shu—the level of best practices. Repeat after your sensei—follow those who are doing it well to understand it. Two—ha—experiment. Have your own experience & try new things. Three—ri—is when you understand something unique & have your own knowledge. 

He applies this to email too. Do all the best practices first. Welcome sequences, pop-ups,& so on. Get rid of things that take up a lot of your time. Organise your process. 

Business in Ukraine 

Dmitry is Ukrainian, and as he says, nothing is normal when there’s war in your country. Stripo is global, so people around the world use their system, so they have an advantage over local businesses. Although, Stripo has stopped all revenue in & out of Russia. 

They also learned from Covid, how to prioritise & make plans! The Ukrainian people are very organised & are doing their best to work despite the circumstances. 

Final Comments

You can connect with Dmitry on LinkedIn, where he’s always open to answering questions. Or check out Stripo if you want to use the best tool for email design!


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