5 Marketing Strategies for New Writers
5 Marketing Strategies for New Writers-min

Being a great writer is one thing; knowing how to market your amazing works is a different thing. One aspect without another will most likely lead you to dissatisfaction.

The writers market is extremely competitive. Since the digital environment allows every talented writer to launch and promote books, eBooks, and courses, new writers must also become great marketers. By implementing the right online marketing strategies, you’ll no longer have to pray for your art to be appreciated.

Since most publishing companies are taking more than they probably should, becoming a self-published writer is one of the best opportunities in this day and age. If you learn how to market your works, you’ll get to control your revenues and scale your business the way you please.

In today’s post, I’m sharing five insightful marketing and writing strategies that will help you promote your art effectively.

Develop a Personal Brand

A personal brand is a professional image that you have to build in order to get recognized by prospective readers. It is similar to a resume, only that you’re presenting it online through your website and social media profiles.

First of all, you’ll need to create a professional website. There are hundreds of personal branding templates for writers out there, so you should start looking. If you don’t know how to set up a website, watch a few WordPress tutorials, or hire a freelancer.

Second, you need to develop an online presence. Create a professional page on every social network that you find relevant to your business. Start sharing relevant content (written by you or curated). Do it consistently and start building a base of followers. Read more about personal branding and slowly build your image.

Create and Distribute a Free eBook

The best way to generate interest among your prospects is to offer them something for free. You can do that by writing a free eBook that is closely related to your book, course, or work. For example, if you wrote a book about “How to Master Your Emotions,” you can create and distribute an eBook that tells “20 Tricks to Understand Your Emotions”.

At the end of the eBook, let your readers know that your book provides comprehensive information that the free eBook didn’t cover and lead them towards your sales page.

I used to do exactly the same thing. After providing academic tips for free, I used to tempt my student readers with essay help now available online to anyone who found my educational content useful.

Providing free value is one of the best marketing strategies that you can leverage as a new writer. If people have no idea who you are, why would they spend their money on your promises? Show them what you can do, and they’ll immediately pay attention!

Write Guest Posts

Lastly, you should seek guest posting opportunities. Find blogs that are related to your book’s topic and create articles for them. Throughout your content or author’s bio, add a link to your website. Repeat the process, and you’ll soon acquire a lot of organic and targeted traffic.

Share Your Expertise in Forums and Q&A Platforms

Find relevant forums that discuss topics that are closely related to your work. Create a profile, add your signature (link to your website) and start replying to relevant posts. Get into discussions, share useful insights, and provide recommendations.

There will be many times when you can add a link to your offers in a natural way. Take advantage of that. Provide value through your answers then lead the interested forum users back to your website.

Apply the same strategy to Q&A platforms like Quora or Yahoo Answers. Also, don’t forget about Reddit!

Leverage Influencers to Gain Recognition

Provide your books or content for free to relevant industry influencers (find them on social media). Ask them to review your book and share it with their audience in case they’ve enjoyed it. If you manage to capture the attention of a few influencers, you’ll be able to skyrocket your brand’s awareness.


Book marketing, as well as content marketing, are the most effective way to lay the foundation of your career in writing. The more you understand how consumers seek, consume, and purchase content and books, the more revenues you’ll be able to generate. Take today’s tips and tricks into close consideration, stay up to speed with the latest content marketing trends, and let your journey begin!


About the author:

Joshua Robinson is a seasoned freelance writer and digital marketer. He has been working in the digital industry for over eight years and manages several blogs and newspapers. He’s mostly a creative writer but doesn’t shine away from crafting technical or academic content when opportunities arise. In his free time, he travels and studies Japanese.

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  1. Henry Obilor

    Love your #1 Tip..

    Unfortunately, i failed at this when i first got into the writing space.
    Your writing can be great but if you have a brand that connects your contents with readers.. Its as good as a wasted write up.

  2. karan

    its great that you have mentioned here.

  3. Kishore sharma

    I am using two platforms for content writing skills for seo my website first is Guest Posting and second is Forums and Q&A Platforms for content submission. I also share my article in the article submission websites which have high DA/ PA.


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