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Welcome to the only programme you’ll ever need to future-proof your income, find you those dream date clients, & build the biz of your dreams!

This Is The Most Popular Business Growth and Scaling Programme

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If you aren’t already making an income of double figures, it’s most likely because you’re missing a few key ingredients required for success. 

But there’s good news! If you’re reading this, you’re already a step ahead. A step closer to that champagne-bubble kind of success you may not have tasted before. 

Any of this sound familiar? 

Well, get ready to say goodbye to those worries and any excuses that go with them. 

This programme is the key to finding success (without sacrificing everything else in life). 

Let me tell you why this is such a smart move

Entrepreneurs and small businesses are more future-proof than big companies. And more fun 🎉

There are tons of businesses out there. What makes yours guaranteed to survive another pandemic, an economic recession, or just the usual distraction that the population suffers from? 

You need a few things to future-proof your business and guarantee a happy bank account, the perfect clients, and a steady stream of business you love. 

But here’s the tricky part. What you need to fill in the gaps in your own business may not be what the next person needs. 

But I can guarantee that if you fix those little niggles, you’ll be well on your way to building a business empire and exploding your bank account! 

So, how do you go about doing all the business-boosting things and avoiding the pitfalls that other entrepreneurs fall into? 

Here’s how.


The Magnificent Mindset & Marketing Biz Accelerator

Learn how to sell like a guru, fill your bank account, and build a future-proof business… While helping your dream date clients! On your own terms, at your own pace.

The Magnificent Mindset & Marketing Biz Accelerator is one of a kind. A unicorn in a world of wild horses. A splash of colour in a black and white world. 

It holds everything you need to build a thriving business ASAP… 

And to become immune to the things that sink other entrepreneurs in times of stress.

Here’s a quick overview:


You get 8 value-packed modules, loaded with hours of video content, complete with useful links, tools, and accompanying notes, templates, cheat sheets, workbooks, swipe files, and more… That you can just copy and paste!


It’s a two-fold kind of thing. You get all the teachable, important-to-know theory stuff, but there’s also plenty of practical action-taking involved.


It’s loaded with almost 20 years’ worth of experience and knowledge, specifically designed to help you avoid making the same mistakes I have throughout my business-building journeys!

The Scoop


Let’s Lay Some Foundations

The opening chapter of this online portal is all about laying the foundations. Setting the scene. It’s your base layer, your bottom line, your cornerstone. It’ll give you an idea of what to expect and how to prepare yourself to get the most out of the modules. 

What It Covers:

The Stash:

Your Course Materials

You won’t be going into this empty-handed. This section provides all the material you need to take notes, keep track, nail down your niche & perfect client, create content, reach out to prospects, and zoom towards success with a little more speed. 

This section is two-fold. It contains templates and scripts you can make your own—the exact templates and emails I used to get featured on Forbes. But there are also plenty of fill-in workbooks that will help to guide you to finding your why, pinpointing your perfect clients, and discovering your business strengths. All that good stuff.

What It Covers:

Goal Setting

Setting Your GPS

Once your foundations are laid, this module will help you to understand what exactly you want to build on them. It’s where we put together a blueprint, a building plan, a road map. Moving forward without a clear plan of where you’re going means you’ll never know if you’re on the right track or not, so this step is critical!

What It Covers:


Routine Hacks for Success

Once you’ve set your goals, aligning your actions and intentions with them is the next step. Many business owners forget this step! This module is dedicated to helping you get yourself physically and mentally healthy so you can put your energy into your business without becoming frazzled. 

What It Covers:

The Important Stuff

to Start With

While the first foundation-setting module is gearing you up to be ready to take this programme, this foundational module is all about setting up your business to start you off on the right foot. 

What It Covers:

The Big Deal:

Your Flagship Product

Whether you offer products or services, having a flagship product is kinda important. This is your one main offering that every other smaller offer branches off of. In this module, you’ll learn how to create one, how to price it, and how (and why) to adjust it along the way. 

What It Covers:

Mega Meta:

FaceBook Marketing

Facebook is extremely underrated as a form of marketing. It can also be intimidating, but this module is designed to take the mystery out of the Facebook marketing process so you can do it easily yourself. No need to pay someone else to do it for you! 

What It Covers:

Building Community

Facebook Group Marketing

There’s a difference between marketing yourself or your business on Facebook and using a Facebook group to actively interact with your peeps. This section explains the difference and teaches you how to create your own Facebook group to build a thriving community of super warm leads.

What It Covers:

The Pros’ Hideout

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is a professional platform. That means fewer cat memes and pictures of people’s breakfast, but more business opportunities. Whatever your target market, it’s likely they spend time here. It’s an excellent space to reach out and make valuable business connections. 

What It Covers:


Your Secret Weapon: Guest Blogging

I have personal experience of how effective guest blogging can be! My posts have been published in high-authority publications like Forbes, Huffington Post, Social Media Examiner, and BBC, plus 100s of others. 

I’ve also had success guest posting for major brands in equally high-authority places. Suffice it to say, I’ve seen first-hand how a guest post can supercharge traffic to your site. 

Not only is guest blogging quite fun, but it gets your name out there on some big authority sites. It doesn’t take much effort, but it can be intimidating if you’ve never blogged before! This module outlines the process from pitch to publish, based on my expertise on the subject & my guest blogging success!

What It Covers:

So, How Much?

Take a look.

I know, I know. This kind of combination of mindset training, business coaching, and future-proofing usually goes for thousands of dollars (and a million alpacas). 

If that sounds like a lot, think about the outcomes you’re getting from it.

If you put this into practice, you’ll be shocked at how quickly you can build the biz of your dreams, on your own terms, and set yourself up for a life of loving what you do and helping others at the same time. 

Oh, and did I mention you can more than quadruple your income? Which means that you should be able to pay for this online portal within your first month or two… 

But you’ll be able to use the knowledge and skills you gain forever. And ever. Maybe even in your next life. 

I’m offering this value-packed, outcome-based Biz Accelerator for the low, low price of just 500,000 alpacas…

Just kidding:

3 payments of $399

3 payments of $200*

Did you know that the average price for a coffee is $3.93? Or that people drink an average of 3 cups of coffee per day? Or that the majority of people prefer to grab coffee on the go, as opposed to making it themselves? 

If you start to do the maths… Give up one cup of coffee-shop-bought beverage every day, and you’re saving $80 a month. 6 months of being minus one coffee per day (or drinking the stuff you make in a pot), and Biz Accelerator is already paid off. 

Minus one fancy coffee a day… Plus all the knowledge, strategies, and confidence to build a double-figure business. 

You know what that means? Those dollars you didn’t spend on your daily Salted Caramel Mochaccino with an extra squeeze of hazelnut syrup or [insert favourite coffee concoction here], will be the dollars that end up doubling, tripling, or quadrupling your profit… 

And when you’re earning double figures, you can buy your favourite coffee (plus a decadent slice of cake) whenever you want. Wherever you want. While your biz carries on, automated, bringing in the moolah and making clients happy. 

I can’t think of a better deal than that! 

If you’re serious about exploding your biz like a piñata and want to be thriving next month, next year, 30 years from now… 

Join the Magnificent Mindset & Marketing Biz Accelerator today. Or tomorrow. 

But don’t wait! 

For the cost of a daily coffee, you can completely change your business and your life… Not even just for the better, but for the best.

To your success,


or a single payment of


or a single payment of $499