Build Ben-and-Jerry-type partnerships with

your dream date clients

and explode your biz… Like a treat-filled pinata.

Welcome to the

Tin Roof ice cream

of the business coaching world.

Packed with nuggets of every good thing you can imagine.

If you’re a coach, entrepreneur, consultant, service provider, or solopreneur, this is the sweetest deal you’ll find to help you explode your biz in the best way possible. 

Any of these sound familiar?

Don’t worry…

You’re definitely not the only one!

The thing is, you don’t need some fancy guru in a Lambo telling you to ask the universe for what you want.

You don’t need to disown your family and neglect your friends to build a successful biz. 

You don’t need a voodoo doll with all your competitor’s names written on it… 

All you need is a mentor to show you the way

A treasure map, if you will. 

A step-by-step treasure map on how to get from where you are right now to hitting (and exceeding) that 10k per month mark, consistently.

As well as a happy bank account, you’ll get:

The good news?

The Magnificent Marketing & Mindset Programme is the solution to getting your biz to that 10k+/month mark.

I can confidently say that it’s loaded with all of the good stuff.


Sink-your-teeth-into-it, kinda good. 

And sugar-free… You won’t be getting any cavities from overindulging in the content! 

Don’t just take my word for it, though. Here’s some feedback from real people who’ve been through it and loved it:

The Magnificent Mindset program gives me that and more. Halfway into the program and I have much more clarity and purpose beyond the now. I have been challenged to say no more and question everything I am saying yes to. I am prioritising myself and creating good habits. It’s a journey but change and growth starts with a decision, self-belief and clear steps to get there. Success requires good habits, clarity and accountability.Do not work with Lilach if you are not ready to change, blame others or are looking for an ego boost. Be prepared to be challenged on many levels. I can’t wait to continue to see results and keep growing along with achieving and surpassing my goals.
Jo Saunders
Lilach is an amazing business strategist and coach. When you have a difficult time explaining your vision, or if you're not sure where to start, Lilach has the ability to jump into your world and help you get your message out there in a way that resonates with your target market on all levels. Within three months of working with Lilach, I had successfully tripled my revenue and I am now on track for even greater success over the next year. Her insight and guidance has been massively instrumental in the success that I've seen so far and I would recommend the Magnificent Marketing and Mindset Programme unreservedly.
Jai Williams
In just over two months, Lilach has helped me to overcome so many mindset blocks, taught me strategies and tactics to implement on my business, and took the time to dive deep into my process, help me iron out kinks, and focus on the things I needed to move my business forward quickly and help me gain confidence. Not only that, I've been able to 5x my investment in her program already! I can't even believe I'm the same person I was just two months ago - and I'm so excited to continue the program and see what else I'm capable of. Thank you Lilach! You've changed my whole life.
Sharné Rustin

We even got some on camera!

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Want to be the next explosive success story?

I’ve got you.

Here’s what’ll happen when you invest in the
Magnificent Marketing & Mindset Programme:

You’ll learn how to find and keep your dream date clients

Working for clients who are kinda meh? Orrrr maybe you’re taking any job that comes your way, ‘cause you just don’t know how or where to find your dream date clients. 

We’re gonna change that. After this program, you’ll know who they are, where they hang out, and how to get them to come to you… And stick around.

You’ll craft your perfect, irresistible offer

The truth is… No product or service is unique. What matters is how you position your offer as solving a problem for your dream date client. Don’t give ‘em a thing. Give them a solution.

The programme will have you crafting creative, exciting, and just-about-impossible-to-resist offers… That take you from just another biz to the premium problem-solver in your client’s life.

You’ll start pricing yourself at what you’re worth

Ooh, pricing… The elephant in the room. The fly in the ointment. And the bane of most entrepreneurs’ lives. But not your life, once you’ve worked through this programme. 

If you struggle to up your prices, worry about losing potential clients to high prices, or stress about losing potential clients because you don’t have enough quality leads… 

That’s about to change. Get confident in your cost, because you’re worth more than you know now. We’ll work on your confidence and get your mindset right, so you can start charging what your skills, talents, work, and time are worth.

You’ll learn how NOT to be boring in business

Nobody wants to be just another face in the crowd. You’ll learn how to stand out like a lighthouse in a storm, like an Oreo in a pack of graham crackers, like a beacon… In a good way.

Boring is fatal in business! Get ready to be in demand, because you’ll learn how to catch attention, keep it, and have them coming back in droves for more of whatever you’re offering.

You’ll become a social media whizz

Choosing a single social media platform is like choosing a favourite child, so we’ll cover how to do your thang on the top 3 online platforms for business… And you choose from there. 

Or, don’t choose and use them all. Either way, by the time you’re done here, you’ll be totally comfy reaching out, branding yourself, interacting, and selling. Wherever, whenever.

You’ll learn how to sell… Without selling

Right behind pricing in an entrepreneur’s list of anxiety-inducing things. I’ve gotcha. Kick that anxiety to the curb, ‘cause you’re gonna learn how to sell faster than you ever thought possible. 

Ethics, I hear you say? Oh, don’t worry about that. You’ll learn exactly how to show your clients the true benefits of your product or service and let them choose for themselves. No pressure… But surprisingly huge sales success.

You’ll turn your mind from your worst enemy into your biggest ally!

That brain of yours is incredibly powerful. This programme will teach you how to wrap your head around your mindset, optimise your brain for high performance, and remember your why…

In other words, putting a leash on your brain and making it work for you, not against you. This could be the most powerful tool you ever find for your biz!

… And when you blend them all together and bake it for a bit, you’ll come out with the sweet, sweet taste of success, sprinkled with a healthy dose of I’ve-got-this.

“To have access to an entrepreneur of Lilach’s calibre in this way is so valuable. The quality of the programme materials and training is market leading and that alone is worth the investment.”

– Sian Carter

How It Works

Here’s what you’ll get your
hands on when you join:

4 live weekly group sessions

There are no huge parties here where nobody knows anyone else’s name. We come together 4 times a week in a small, close-knit gathering… Like sitting around the campfire together!

You don’t have to attend every session, they’re totally optional so you can join in on as many as you’re willing and able to!

Unlike many other programmes, you’re not just a needle in the participant-haystack here. You’re one of just a few, your opinion is valued, and your hand-raises never get missed.

We don’t talk about fluff, either. In these sessions I’ll be critiquing your work, screen-sharing important stuff, giving you feedback, and we’ll be doing some role-playing, amongst other things. I didn’t say it wasn’t fun!

We’ll also brainstorm together (many heads are better than one), answering each other’s questions (sharing is caring), and I’ll give you insider info on what’s working for me and my biz right now so you can do the same.

Online modules packed with the good stuff

Like a jam doughnut loaded with… *gasp*… more sweet filling than it can hold. You’ll get swipe files, templates, spreadsheets, workbooks, worksheets, Trello boards, and hours upon hours of content to go through and put into practice.

I’ve been paid the big bucks to create courses for gigantic companies, and of course, I put a little extra sparkle into my own content! I can promise it’s to the highest standard and loaded with sooooooo much filling you’re going to need a napkin.

Our Facebook group

This is a place for feedback, inspiration, and helping each other. Whether you want some feedback on website copy, sales pages, social media posts, outreach messages, or anything else, pop it in here and I’ll get to it asap.

I respond to everything here, but I’m not the only one! Other smart entrepreneurs will be a source of inspiration, help, and accountability (there will be butt-kicking where necessary!).

But Wait… Who Is This Lilach Person?

Oops, did I forget to introduce myself? I’m Lilach, and I’ve been teaching people how to grow their businesses like weeds… On steroids… Strapped to a rogue firework… For almost 2 decades now.

Here’s why my clients choose me:

The Elephant in the Room

Ah, pricing.

Yep, we’re going there.

Excellent business coaching is an investment.

You give a little to get a lot in return.

Have you considered business coaching before?

Let me guess how it went.

You: “Um, hi… I’m looking for a bit of help with my biz. How much does your programme cost? I can’t find it on your site…” 

Biz Coach: “Great! I’m your guy/girl. Let me tell you everything I can do for you.” 

You: “But how much does your…”

Biz Coach: *spends an hour telling you how wonderful their service is*

You: “… But how much does it cost?”

Biz Coach: “… 



You: “Uh… My neighbour’s best friend’s dog’s pet squirrel just fell in the pool so I have to run… Can I get back to you?”

*vows to never use a business coach ever*

Many coaches will make you go through the entire process of having a call, riling you up about what they can do for you, and conveniently neglect to mention their price… But not before trying to convince you that you can’t live without it.

Let me tell you how I see it.

I’m not here for my own health! 

I want YOU to see huge success. 

And I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs turn their own business into empires. 

I can do the same for you. 

There’s nothing I enjoy more than seeing entrepreneurs going from meh to magic. 

From ehhh to exceptional! 

From uhhh to ultimate winners. 

And using my own almost-2-decades of experience to do that is extremely satisfying.

I know the feeling of fighting your way through building a biz. 

I have a deep understanding of the trials, the journey, and the victories. 

And I love being able to walk others through it all to see huge success in their own biz.

But I also believe in not wasting your time (and mine) going through a process that you’re never going to commit to because of cost. 

For that reason, I’m upfront about how much my programme costs.

The reality is…

Getting hold of the money is the easy part. 

It’s the work that’s the hard bit. 

It’s changing your habits. 

Taking serious, huge action. 

Getting out of that cushy comfort zone. 

Possibly falling on your face…

Tripping over your shoelaces…

Or slipping on a business banana peel. 

The money is the easy part. 

And if you’re using it as an excuse, you’re missing out.

I’m Cool-a With the Moolah, Now What?

Aah, I look forward to welcoming you to the group! 

I love meeting new entrepreneurs, coaches, service providers, and business owners who aren’t afraid to grab their biz by the b… bloody lapels and take charge of it. 

You get a ton of outcome for your investment.

You invest:

£3000/$4000 once-off fee

You get:

You become:

Hello? Are you still there?

I know…

That’s the cost of a short holiday.

On sitting around the pool with drinks.

On sporting equipment or jewellery.

Why not spend it on your biz?

Why not spend that money to… make more money?

Another truth bomb incoming:

If money is the problem…

And you aren’t willing to put capital into your biz…

Then it’s just an excuse.

This is an investment!

And I can assure you that if you do the work:

If you’re:


Then I can guarantee, there’s
a better way for you to be doing business.

Book a free call… It could be the best thing you ever do for your biz!


In these groups, we mean business.

If you’re…

…Then this isn’t the place for you.


Got questions? I’ve got answers. 

Technically, you won’t know until you try it. But I can tell you one thing – I’ve never had someone come back and tell me it wasn’t worth it.

So basically, if you’re a coach, consultant, service provider, entrepreneur, or solopreneur who wants to do better in business… Then it’s for you.

Oh, as long as you can take constructive criticism and aren’t afraid of hard work and getting out of your comfort zone. If that sounds like you, then I’m pretty confident this programme is for you!

Let me be honest – it WILL work if you take action. It might take a month for it to work, or it might take 4 months. But if you put in the effort, I can promise you it IS going to work.

Do the things. Come to the group meetings. Ask all of the questions. And implement everything you learn. Take massive action! Dedicate time to it and change your old habits. And with some determination and patience, you’ll see the difference. I promise.

You’ll have a good 6 months to eyeball everything on the online platform and learn. You’ll also have 3 months’ worth of coaching. But if you want to stick around and learn more after that, you can keep getting coached on a month-by-month basis for a monthly fee of £350/$500.

Aah, I love this question. There are a few things that set the Magnificent Marketing & Mindset Programme apart from others. In no particular order: 

  • It’s created by someone who has 17+ years of experience as an entrepreneur 
  • I’ve had both success and hardships as a business owner 
  • You get direct access to the course creator (meeee), 4 times a week 
  • You’ll find EVERYTHING you need for success… Not just tidbits 
  • Only half a dozen or so participants are involved at any given time 
  • You’re not just a number, you’re an integral part of a small group 
  • There’s plenty of space for intimate business discussion and brainstorming 
  • I’ve done my fair share of programs… So I know what goes into them (or rather… What should and shouldn’t go into them) 

Need more? Book a call and I’ll tell you all about it!

If you’re keen to take part in the programme but can’t get together a lump sum, we can definitely arrange a payment plan for you.

Just book a free call and let me know that you need a monthly payment plan and I’ll get you sorted. Be aware, though, that the monthly payments end up at about 20% more than paying the full price upfront.

Well, that’s totally up to you 😎

Buy a puppy, go on vacation to a place with a name you can’t pronounce, blow it all on cake, put it into savings… Whatever your heart desires!