CMO 6-Month Package

The revenue-boosting high-performance mentoring & consulting solution you need to scale your B2B business.

You’re already a step ahead of other B2B entrepreneurs & small business owners just by reading this page.

You understand the value of time.

The importance of action.

And the benefit of working with a professional who has tons of experience and success stories to prove their worth.

Which is why I’ve decided to offer my services to B2B entrepreneurs & business owners.

Would you like me to be your
personal CMO for the next 6 months?

Let’s work together one-on-one.

The importance of action.

I’m opening up just a few spots for this kind of high-performance mentoring.

Here’s what’s included:

I’ll help you to:

I’ll log into your LinkedIn, ad accounts, and website to give you hands-on help and training on how to streamline every aspect of your business

Real coaching. Real results.

You’ll get access to everything that helped me to become successful.

So successful that I was:

I’ve got almost 2 decades of experience in entrepreneurship, content creation, tech, speaking, and agency marketing in the B2B space. All the experience necessary to know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to building and running a business. 

Quick disclaimer:

As your CMO, you’ll have direct access to me, my experience, and my knowledge to help you get ahead in your B2B business.

BUT… You won’t be absent from this process.

Sure, I’ll be your CMO for 6 months.

But the ultimate goal here is for you to learn… From one of the best.

This is coaching. Not removing responsibility.

I’m going to teach you things you never knew so that you can streamline your processes, attract clients effortlessly, and bring in more income than you thought possible.

But you do need to take action. Massive action.

Because once you’ve got these skills under your belt, you’ll never need someone else to do your marketing again… And you’ll never be overwhelmed with it again.

But Wait, That’s Not All That’s Included

Laying foundations is essential for B2B success.

If you sign up for the Elite CMO Package, you’ll get a few business-changing bonuses free of charge to start your next 6 months off with a bang.