Content Creation

Don't be content with just any content.

Do you want to work for your content, or do you want your content to work for you?

That’s the first question to ask yourself before building your content plan. But these questions should be right behind:


 do you know how to create content that will get noticed?
do you have the skills to write content that will convert?
do you know how to identify the right keywords for your content?
do you have time to write (and edit, and adjust again and again)?
do you know how to spread your message to the right audience? (And do you know how to find the right audience?)

If you’ve answered NO to any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place

Let’s be real – great content isn’t all that great if nobody is reading it.

If you’re still reading this, you can probably tell that I’m not one to mince words… but I’m also not one to drone on and on about something just because I can. (Maybe that’s why I have over 100,000 followers on Twitter who want to hear what I have to say.)

If you need digital content, I’m your gal. I specialize in:

creating digital marketing strategies to position you or your brand as a thought leader
generating content that will get in front of your target audience in all phases of the sales cycle
writing articles, blogs and product reviews that will set your company apart from its competitors



carefully crafting SEO-optimized content writing
on-site and off-site content writing services, either ghost-written or as a named contributor
content with viral value and widespread relevance that will get shared
content that converts

I will learn about your product/service so that I can write about it in a way that’s relatable, interesting, persuasive, and relevant. I’ll work directly with you to find the right tone, voice and style for your brand and to deliver the content to a captive, converting audience.

Want to hear more? Drop me a line!

Lilach Bullock
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