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Over the decades, we have seen content marketing take different shapes. Today, content marketing has assumed a more important position for an overall brand establishment and a better ranking for the website. Despite all the dynamicity in this sphere of digital marketing, there is one thing that is going to be constant- content marketing. Content marketing will always stay as long as we have internet.

For most marketers in past years, content marketing would be the last thing they would devote any of their attention to. Companies would not hire a person for the specific role of content marketing. It would be more of a bonus role that any marketer would be taking up. However, times have changed. Content marketing demands a lot more than being treated as a mere side project.

One of the major reasons why content marketing has assumed such an important place in the world of digital marketing is because it offers a two-way communication. If you are striving hard to establish a trustful relationship with your clients, you can’t avoid a two-way, interactive communication. Content marketing helps establish that kind of interaction, bridging the gap between brands and clients.

Moreover, in 2019, consumers would expect that kind of communication where they feel more connected with brands and companies. So, if you are looking forward to a better relationship with clients, it is about time you set the spotlights on content marketing.

Every year, bigger and smaller changes roll out and the scope of content marketing keeps changing. There are a few content marketing insights that you have to watch this year if you are aiming at growing your online business. With that being said, here’s a list of 7 content marketing insights that would equip you better for the coming year.

Having a strategy will be imperative

There would have been times when a few techniques would help you market your content. Today, as more and more brands and companies are aware of the fact how important content marketing is- the efforts are becoming more specific. There is a neck to neck competition to have a bigger client base, rank better in search results, and be more visible to people. When that is the case, you have to think of a practical and well-thought strategy that would have the highest chances of fetching you the kind of outcomes you aspire to achieve.

One thing to consider is that content marketing strategies can never be mimicked. Every company has its own goals- both short term and long term. While there might be some common goals, there also are certain goals that are quite unique to each organization. And when that is the case, you can’t look at other’s content marketing strategies and expect them to work for you. Customizing your strategies highly based on what you aim to achieve in a certain period of time is imperative.

Long form content would win

Many believe that creating long form content would be a needless task, when people are just growing tired of reading. The truth is- long form content is and will always be in demand. This is because, both people and Google like content that can give the highest amount of information. While people wouldn’t spend much time reading, they wouldn’t mind a long read if it concerns their interests.

However, long form content never means writing for the sake of writing. The content that you choose to post should make sense. It should not have overstuffed keywords. Instead, it should contain long tail keywords that help Google rank your page better. Your content needs to be well-framed and for this, you should conduct a proper research before framing your content. Along with an informative piece of content, accessorizing the content with apt images, videos, and infographics would keep readers gripped onto the content, thus bringing down the bounce rate.

Guest posting will be on the rise

If you haven’t yet thought about the idea of guest posting on various websites of your niche, it is about time you consider it seriously. Guest posting is a relatively easier way of creating brand awareness and marketing your content as a result. When you opt for guest posting, you would be given a chance to add links in the author bio as well as one link in the content.

As you post a blog on a website that many people access, there would be more chances of people following your link. Moreover, having links on other websites from guest posts would also count as precious backlinks, thus enhancing your ranking on Google.

Social media will help great deal

Over the years, social media platforms have gained the kind of importance that is unmatchable at the current point of time. If it is on internet, people spend majority of their time on social media platforms. And out of all, Instagram, Facebook, twitter, snapchat, LinkedIn have become the most widely used social media platforms.

This makes it a good reason for marketers to take content marketing with the help of social media platforms pretty seriously. When you aim to market your content with the help of social media platforms, a number of factors matter. For instance, you have to know what is your intention of promoting your content. Is it providing people with information, promoting your product or service, or lead generation? Different platforms would justify different purposes.

Another factor is age. While marketing, if your marketing strategy is age specific you would want to use a specific social media platform instead of wasting your time on each and every platform out there. For instance, if your marketing involves people who are over the age of 50, most old people who are over the age of 55 are on Facebook, according to the government-commissioned annual communications market review for 2016-2018.

That being said, if you hire a content marketer, make sure the person has a good knowledge and insight into social media platforms, how they work, and what particular platform would fetch the best kind of outcomes.

Influencer marketing will be more specific

Influencer marketing is having amazing outcomes, since people are all about authentic stories more than ever today. People apparently buy more of what they see being promoted by their role models and people they follow. And it is about time marketers make influencer marketing a little more specific. As a goal-oriented marketer with a concrete strategy in your mind, you have to pick your influencers very wisely.

Instead of picking too many influencers and requesting each one to market your products or services, choose some and be specific. Establishing an in-depth relationship with a handful of influencers and seeking a more active marketing is what will work best in the coming year. Be very niche specific when you are hunting for influencers. Find people who would actually be interested in your business and as a result would offer an active marketing.

Client satisfaction will include transparency

With so much of exposure, social media platforms, and things like testimonials, feedback, and reviews, people are more comfortable with companies that have a transparent approach. In today’s day and age, a business wouldn’t be able to go too far if it has a closed and inflexible approach towards its clients. If you have been using promising words and trying to impress users, that might be a very old tactic for the existing and coming time.

People expect a lot more than words and commitments these days. Moreover, people are more aware and educated, which is why they are very careful when they come across companies. What attracts people more are factors, like authenticity and transparency. The questions is-how to be transparent in ways that your business would appeal to people?

Here’s what you can do. Make sure you enlist your partners and brands or people you promote. This would give your clients a clear idea about who are the people involved in your business. Besides that, keep yourself informed about the updates regarding consumer laws and consumer protection.

Videos, videos, videos

The essence of videos has only been growing ever since we have had social platforms that can showcase videos. YouTube has had a total of 1 to 5 billion mobile downloads this year. While that is about YouTube, every other social media platform, like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook has a feature of showcasing stories in the forms of videos.

Both Facebook and Instagram have the feature of live video. Based on what your business is about, live video could be a helpful feature. These videos can help you anchor Q&A with people, which would allow people interact in the best ways about their concerns. This would also give you an opportunity to promote your brand and business in the most impressive way. You can also have influential guests to host the Q&A, which would garner a lot more attention.

Besides Q&A, live video streaming can also be used for interviewing and unboxing your products if you sell products.

Final words:

These are 7 innovative content marketing insights that would work really well for you in the coming year. While all the factors are more or less similar to what worked for this year, the approach to go about these factors is what matters. Content marketing has come to the forefront and you can’t get away with a passive content marketing.

Strategy is the key; and counting in each of the above factors is what will help you be more visible in the eyes of viewers. Even Google has addressed content as one of the major criteria to rank better. So, this is a very clear message for all the online businesses out there to concentrate more on content marketing.

About the author

Jafar Sadhik is a creative content developer specializes in crafting content for various categories such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, and newer happenings in the digital marketing sphere. Currently, works at Stan Ventures, an Indo-American white label SEO service provider. He loves to cover novels of Agatha Christie in the leisure time.

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