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You labour over crafting great content, fine-tuning and polishing every last element of it, and then what happens? Nothing. Not a retweet, not a share, barely a like. All that hard work for nothing. The problem? Your content isn’t being seen by the people that matter because your reach isn’t wide enough.

Without an appreciative audience, the world’s greatest content fares no better than the worst. There’s no point in labouring over awesome blog posts if you’re the only person reading them. Content amplification isn’t desirable – it’s essential. No ifs and no buts: it’s imperative that you broadcast your message to the widest audience possible.


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Good content amplification doesn’t take a scattershot approach though. Instead it’s targeted at the sort of people who are likely to respond favourably to it: buyers, industry leaders and influencers. People with the power to pass it on and the inclination to learn more about your products and services.

Thanks to my network of influencers coupled with my digital marketing nous, I can help you extend your reach so that your content is shared by influencers and read by the right people. Book a consultation and I’ll discuss a range of free and paid techniques that will help your content get to where it ought to be – in front of eyes that are inclined to share, subscribe and buy.

Contact me today and let’s explore where we can take your content.

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