What Are the Biggest Content Marketing Challenges?
What Are the Biggest Content Marketing Challenges

When we talk about content marketing challenges, the biggest one right now is the cultural factor. Generally speaking, any change is a challenge for a marketing company, but a cultural shift is an uphill task for a company because it means you’re doing something different.


In the past, the marketing department of a company had one motto, and that was to take advantage of any media and publication that would promote them.


Now, the media landscape has changed, and many of those roles are currently assigned to the digital sphere. If you look at the marketing ideas of the past, a lot of them won’t hold any relevance in today’s fast-paced and dynamic environment. This is because the old designs were explicitly created to cater to the world and how it was back then.


So, this is where the marketing challenges of a company starts settling in, and one of the biggest hurdles is gravitating towards advanced content marketing without it seeming like a threat to the functionality of the company.


This means that the new marketing methods you take on should not disrupt the existing roles and features of the company. Instead, it should enhance your business and seamlessly promote your organization to the next level. The market is dynamic, and it will always keep changing. As a digital marketing company, you must accept the change; it’s the only way you can thrive in your respective industry.


Let’s have a look at what are the prominent challenges companies face when it comes to content marketing, and how you can overcome them-

Content is everyone’s job, yet no one’s job:

When a company wants to put in effort towards content marketing, whether it’s maintaining a blog or a social media campaign, they have to designate a specific content team to get the job done.


If there is no team, then the content tasks will be piled on another employee who doesn’t deal with content marketing and they will push the task to the bottom of their to-do list because it’s not part of their job description and they will not give content top priority. This will cause the entire content marketing efforts to go down the drain.


Ultimately, the content is given to freelancers who follow a standard template when they write material for companies.


This causes a shift in the quality, so when the articles are published, they don’t do well on Google and don’t secure the top ranks as well. This is because the content is commoditized, and it’s not creative; the material doesn’t have a story to tell. Therefore, it can pose a significant challenge in content marketing.

Fear of external obstacles:

When it comes to real-time content marketing, another challenge that marketers face is constant fear. This fear takes place because you will have to run your material by the legal department or ask for the management’s permission before you publish an article.


There are many marketing and PR companies that are afraid to execute content marketing because they feel like it will get them in hot water if they are caught with legal problems. Also, the management will think that they don’t need content marketing because they have worked without it for the last 20 years or so, and they can continue to do without it. This kind of thinking will bring irrelevancy to your company, if you’re stuck with past trends, you won’t move forward.


Oblivious to content curation:

Many marketers are unable or don’t know how to curate content that will lead to effective digital marketing results. When you keep reading and sharing the current marketing results, you can post high quality, informative, and highly relevant material that will keep your audience engaged.


Your audience should read your blog posts and feel like they have gained knowledge from it. Companies should understand that with the right content marketing strategies, you can even build the right connections with bloggers and websites from your industry; this will help improve your credibility, as well. Content marketing teams can start by targeting the best blogs in their niche and gaining inspiration from these blogs.


Increasing your traffic while building on content networking:

Content networking is also known as content syndication, and it means providing third-party websites with the material so that they can republish them on their sites.


Most companies walk on eggshells when it comes to giving away their content because they feel that it won’t do them any good. However, if syndication is done the right way, it can bring your site a lot of traffic. You have to reach out to credible sites, and they will bring you communities that consist of an audience who are engaged with your content. You can even use backlinks and SEO techniques to grow your audience base from reputed sites.


Gaining views with quality content:

Gaining traction even though you publish quality content can be difficult if you don’t market your site in the right manner. Companies assume that by posting good material on their websites, they will automatically gain views and traffic.


This is not the case, and it’s where marketing comes into play. You have to come up with promotional strategies that will promote online visibility and have the audience appreciate your content too.


When you’re putting a marketing spin on your content, don’t forget to make it informational. As mentioned before, the audience should find your material informative and relevant, and it should provide them a solution to their current problem. Your audience should be able to relate to the content that you put out.



This is a significant challenge that many companies face, especially if they are new to content marketing. It’s essential to be consistent with the material that you post on your blog or website. You have to assert a sense of authority and relevance.


When you regularly update content, you can connect with your readers in the best way. Consistency comes in the form of periodically posting, influencing, and interacting with your audience.


Ensure that you make them feel heard and provide them with a sense of value. You have to engage your audience as this will help your brand value too. If your marketing team feels overwhelmed with content, then you can create and organize your tasks with a content calendar. This will help you plan and sort out the blog material and your social media campaigns as well.


Creating unique content:

When you create high-quality content, you have to aim for articles that will stand out from the crowd and gain traction.


This is the trend now, and as a content marketing team, you have to include innovative ideas and engaging material. Try experimenting with new ideas and test them out to see if they garner the results you want.


When you come with ideas for your content, you have to ensure that you publish quality content and it should never compromise your creative vision. You can bring in more views to your content if you research your audience’s behavior and come with suitable content that they can relate to.



Producing fantastic content within a limited time frame:

Most marketers will agree that the most challenging experience with content marketing is delivering quality output in a constricted time frame.


Creating fantastic content can indeed take a lot of time, especially if you want to promote and curate it.


You have to understand your consumer mentality and find the best resources that will help you attract your customers better. Build connections that will help take your brand to the next level. Ensure that you use the right tools when you want to promote your business through content marketing.



Insufficient resources:

Anyone can come up with content, but not everyone can come up with good content. Producing good content is hard, and it requires time, skill, and experience. As a marketer, nobody understands your business dynamics like you, and there is no better person to create content then the marketers themselves.


However, producing good content consistently can come in the way of running your business, so this causes barriers like lack of time and an insufficient budget.


You can overcome this content marketing challenge by accepting that you need to invest time and energy into the content creation process, especially if you want an optimal outcome. If you don’t want to spend time and do it yourself, you will have to pay someone to get it done for you.

If you’re thinking of outsourcing, then you have to keep the risks in mind.


Firstly, you will be at the mercy of this company, mainly when you have a schedule and deadlines.


Secondly, you may have to face content that does not match your level of expertise and industry knowledge, thereby reducing the quality of your blog and harming your brand.

Companies underestimate content marketing and think that it’s a free and easy tool when, in reality, it’s not. You have to be aware of the substantial costs that come with content marketing before making any decisions.


Increase in Competition:

When it comes to content marketing, never undermine your competition. No matter the niche, there is always someone out there on the internet who has been writing posts for a longer time than you, and has created a solid online presence. The internet is a battlefield, and you have to fight to win the reader’s attention.


So, as the competition gets intense, what do you do to make yourself seen?


The answer to that is pretty simple and has been repeated throughout this post- create unique and high-quality content. This aspect is vital if your competition creates exciting content and has a huge reader base because then your target audience will expect the same from you. This will create a sense of accountability and expectation to your readers, and it will result in better material. The importance of excelling in an oversaturated market is immense. If you fail, then you disappear into the crowd, but if you succeed, you thrive, and you can reap the rewards. You need to ensure that the content you publish is aiming for excellence so that you can build a sizable audience.


There may be times when your posts don’t get the views that you hoped for, and they may not hit the mark, but this means that you will have to learn from your shortcomings and strive to succeed with better content.

The good news is that the intense competition on the internet has persuaded content creators to come up with unique and creative ideas and material to keep up with the competition.


Unrealistic and exasperated expectations:

If you have ever had to make a content marketing pitch to a managerial team, you will understand this challenge quite well and how frustrating it can be. Even though content marketing has been one of the leading trends in the past few years, there are still some misunderstandings and misconceptions that tend to arise, especially when it comes to managing expectations.


Impatience is a considerable obstacle when a content marketing idea is pitched to the managerial team. If you mention long term deadlines that extend to “months” and “years,” you’ll be told to hurry the process. The truth is that even with a skilled content team, receiving the results you want can take time, and it won’t happen over a few weeks.


You can overcome this challenge by coming to a mutual understanding of how content marketing takes time, and you need to construct a useful blog if you want to attract an audience and bring about credibility. You will also have to agree to manage your expectations and only set yourself up with realistic audience engagement and traffic numbers. This way, you won’t be disappointed with your results, and your goals are more achievable, and won’t make your content seem like an uphill climb. If you set unrealistic goals and fail to achieve them, then it will demotivate you to go ahead with content marketing strategies. Adjust your targets so that you can justify your data.



In Conclusion:

Hopefully, the challenges listed above haven’t discouraged you and you feel motivated to overcome the obstacles that prevent you from reaching your full marketing potential. Content marketing may not be a cakewalk, but once you figure out how to work it into your business, the rewards that you’ll receive will make all the hard work worth it. After all, it’s one of the most effective ways to grow your business.


About the author:

Maxy is an avid SEO content writing expert and is always on the lookout for new stories and trends that are taking the internet by storm. When she’s not writing, Maxy keeps herself busy with the latest binge-worthy shows on Netflix.

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