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“Yes Lilach, help me attract High Paying Clients!

Help me create my new, repeatable client attraction system, double the typical profit from new client work, and get an approach for increasing sales from existing clients using your 3C Method… without complex technology, wasting time creating lots of content, or feeling uncomfortable…


Here’s what it’s all about, and WHY I’m looking for a few ‘early access’ clients on a VERY special deal this week only…

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…and here’s everything I get when I join you in “Attract High Paying Clients” by TUESDAY…

…as one of your special ‘early access’ clients in return for a feedback interview during the process:

  • Attract High Paying Clients 12 Week Online Training
  • 12 x Weekly Workshops + Assistance 
  • FREE: Whale Hunter’s Toolkit
  • FREE: Recession-Proof Pricing Playbook

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Here are the special pricing options I can choose from, depending on the level of support I would like:

Private 121 Mentorship
$7500 $4995 (saving $2505!)
or 3 x $1995 monthly payments
  • All the main benefits plus:
  • 12 x weekly one hour, one to one video calls with Lilach
  • Private email access to Lilach throughout
  • FREE $800 Website Reboot Package
Extra Support Package
$3495 $2495 (saving $1000!)
or 3 x $900 monthly payments
  • All the main benefits plus:
  • Private email access to Lilach throughout
Standard Package
$2995 $1995 (saving $1000!)
or 3 x $795 x monthly payments
  • All the main benefits


European clients: VAT is payable at the prevailing rate.

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I’m also covered by your 14 day, 100% confidence guarantee:

When I join and complete the first two weeks’ assignments, in full and in good faith, within 14 days, if I don’t feel 100% confident the programme is going to give me the process, the ideas, the resources, and the support I need, to help me attract high paying clients into your business, I can send you a quick email and get a full refund.

Obviously, if I don’t keep up my end of the bargain and complete the first two assignments in good faith within 14 days, I can’t expect a refund.


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Here’s where I apply right now to secure your special offer and talk to you about it all…

(Can’t see the diary options below, or find a time? Please email us at [email protected] right away and we’ll sort something out)

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Lilach is the most incredible business coach.

She has immense experience and uses her success to coach business owners to create clear goals and confidence.

I strongly recommend working with Lilach.

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We were lacking some good business direction and a plan to make our business sustainable over the long term.

After working with Lilach, we completely changed our business around.

If you’re on the fence for whatever reason, just know that both my partner and I felt the work with her was priceless! Highly recommended for anyone who needs some help boosting their business off the ground.

[/et_pb_testimonial][et_pb_testimonial company_name=”Flexlearn” portrait_url=”” _builder_version=”4.7.4″ _module_preset=”default”]

Lilach is like a breath of fresh air. Our sessions together were extremely helpful as well as being great fun. We are now much more focused and our business has improved dramatically as a result.