Account & Content Marketing Manager Evaluation

Thanks so much for sending in your responses! 

Before we invite you for an interview, we’ve put together a test for you to help us gauge your content writing and editing skills, as well as your time management skills. Plus, this should give you a better idea of what the job will entail.

When submitting your evaluation please confirm how long each task took.  We are looking for: quality of content, how compelling your sales copy is, creativity, proactivity.  Turn-around time and speed are also taken into consideration

The test is composed of 4 parts:


1. Content briefs: create 1 content brief for writers based on:


How to develop a winning content marketing strategy for 2020 (outline all the steps needed to create a content marketing strategy, relate that to any content marketing trends for 2020 – i.e. what content strategies will work best in 2020; plus, include any tools that should be mentioned as helpful for different steps of the process)

Example of a past content brief we give to writers:

Topic: Team management made easy: 5 tools to improve management and collaboration

Word count: 1200-1300 words

Introduction: the challenges of team management and the importance of fully leveraging a team management and collaboration tool to help grow your business (otherwise too much time is wasted, documents are complicated to find etc.)

Content: Listicle of 5 tools to improve team management and collaboration; here’s what to include:

When talking about these tools, focus on the features they bring to the table and how exactly they help teams + tips on how to get more out of them, what useful automations they have, etc.; for example, with, you can go into the types of formulas you can set up which are so useful for accounting and other aspects of your business, or with Trello, how you can find all kinds of ready-made templates that you can use for different of projects; also, don’t mention pricing.


2. A 1200-word thought leadership article on topic of your choosing (with a business/marketing/entrepreneurship angle)


Examples can be found here on our Medium page.


3. A newsletter (300-500 words) selling a tool we have reviewed + 3 different subject lines 


Example of a past newsletter we’ve done can be found here.

Tool/review to base the newsletter on: 


4. 3 x calls to action to sell our content creation services


Check out the copy on our content creation page here and use that as inspiration for the 3 calls to action.  These need to be short, punchy and compel people to take action to get in touch!