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3 Things you Should Know About SEO and Social Media

3 Things you Should Know About SEO and Social Media

Many times, business owners and marketers look for techniques to optimize two channels in a bid to boost conversions and sales: social media and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). For a long time, a question hovers on their minds: does social media affect SEO?

Answering the question correctly allows you to understand the relationship between the two earlier mentioned channels.

Supposing the answer to the query is in the affirmative – and undoubtedly it is – while the nitty-gritty remains cloudy, more questions arise:

To what extent does social media influence SEO and how sort of impact is it?

How do persons keen on aligning SEO and social media get the best value for their money?

We’ll look to demystify the SEO-social media connection.

1. Social Media Profiles Also Rank on Search Engines

Type a business name on any search engine and its social media profile along with its main website will most likely pop-up.

Where a brand’s website and social profile rank concurrently, it stands to reap immense perks at the peak of SERPs. The business can beat competitors in matters visibility.

However, the company must ensure their social media pages remain active by engaging audiences by targeting platforms that best resonate with the majority of prospective owners.

2. Social media aids boost authority

Search engines afford a website authority lots of weight, thus making it a key SEO factor to consider. In matters search engines, if your domain or page boasts of high authority, the same goes for your site. Presenting a higher possibility to rank better in comparison with sites of lesser authority.

A site’s or webpage’s authority improves over time. The more you publish quality content and amass relevant backlinks, your authority continues to grow. Valuable content presents your audience with answers to various questions or whatever they were in search of. In turn, you earn backlinks and positive votes.

In the pre-social media era, link-building was done differently. Fast forward to present day, and we can’t ignore social media when talking about link building. Why? Social media accounts for a significant chunk of web content distribution. It’s the leading content distribution engine. This means that your authority or influence on social media platforms impacts your authority.

Focusing on building an active social media following, your content gets to a wider and relevant audience. For example, if you create content on Yoga and gain backlinks from sites that specialize in Yoga content, you’ll gain more points from search engines like Google. Search engine bots will figure that you publish relevant content.

3. Social media is more people oriented

SEO has a technical bit, but you shouldn’t solely focus on it. The majority of unethical or black-hat SEO practices are technical, but fail to yield long-term results as they remove the user from the equation. Such methods aren’t people-oriented, and search engines look for human touch.

Search engines try to improve user experience by looking beyond the technical things. If you wish to boost a website’s ranking today, don’t solely rely on technical details like keyword optimization.

SEO must be comprised of a human element to fetch real-world results; otherwise, others will steal a match on you.

Key takeaway

With social media rising at warp speed, it’s becoming an essential part of SEO as it’s made of people. Social media is only second to content in the integral equation in a search. Content allows you to compartmentalize your target audience and affords a bird’s eye view of all things. You know who consumes your content, who shares it, and its impact.  

Companies may outsource social media marketing services where they lack expertise in internet marketing.   


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