Ready to build those
Ben-and-Jerry-type client partnerships

2x or more your income

and skyrocket your business more
than you thought possible?

Then you and I are going to be a dream team. 

My High-Performance, VIP, Individual Business & Mindset Coaching Is The Missing Ingredient

Who’s it for?

If You’re:

“I have had the pleasure of working with Lilach over the past five years. She has that bit of magic about her which inspires and includes others, she’s very focused, bright and great fun to be with.”

– Julia O’Hergaty

What’s In It For You?

Is This Coaching Right For You?

Are you the kind of person who would benefit from high-performance, VIP coaching?

You definitely are, if you’re:

Now let’s talk about who this isn’t for.

“Lilach is an expert but so willing to share her expertise. We wouldn’t be where we are today without her friendly and useful advice and support.”


Lilach quickly took me to a higher level of understanding how sites work and how to get the most out of mine. I am grateful for her energy and willingness to show an old dog new tricks.

Jordan Walsh

Lilach has been instrumental in helping us grow our business and audience in an organic way. Her advice, tips and recommendations were spot in in guiding us through the tumultuous waters of social media and website development.

Big Awards

Wondering what makes me the best high-performance business coach?

Take a look.

I’ve Been Coaching for Almost 2 Decades

I’ve been at this for 17 years now. So I’ve seen it all, tried it all, and coached literally thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners.

You don’t go through that many years of coaching without picking up tricks along the way. Between business and mindset, I’ve already got a good idea of your mindset and why your business is where it is because of that.

In other words, I’ve got the business balls to help you build yours.

I’m Backed By Some Big Names

You don’t have to just take anyone’s word for it. I’ve been given the nod by authority sites as someone you want on your side. Here are a couple of my proudest achievements:

My Business Experience Covers Everything

A lot of coaches are great at giving advice, but they’ve never had practical experience in business! My experience stands out over others’.

I’ve built businesses from the ground up. I’ve lost businesses. I’ve sold businesses. And I have practical experience of actively doing everything it takes to scale a business to great heights.

That’s not all. I’ve also owned agencies which provided DFY services for businesses like yours, so I’ve got experience in everything from social media to content marketing to lead generation.

Whether you need help finding leads, selling to those leads, closing deals, putting systems in place, setting more effective goals, upping your social presence, transforming your mindset, or something else… I can help.

You don’t have to take my word for it!

Take a look. Here are some real live humans with honest feelings who will back me up when I say I’m the best.

Lilach is the most incredible business coach. She has immense experience in building business’ and uses her success to coach business owners to create clear goals and confidence. I strongly recommend working with Lilach.
Dalia Black
Dalia Black,
Lilach helps you cut through what’s really going on and brings practical ideas and approaches to life. There’s something about her candour that makes you feel supported and challenged to do your best…..the stuff you really need from a coach.
Catherine Boddington
Lilach was able to shine a light on so many of my blindspots and then subsequently guide me to create an action plan that would lead me to become unstoppable. It has not only been a pleasure working with Lilach, it’s been a grace of God that I found her.
Shira Gura

Why Choose VIP High-Performance Coaching?

Not sure why to choose high-performance, 1-on-1 coaching rather than my Magnificent Marketing & Mindset coaching programme? Here’s why.

Bespoke, Highly Individualised Coaching

Super targeted & directly tailored for your biz.
Geared for high performance.
Everything we do here revolves around you.
Your goals. Your ideas. Your success.

Specific, Direct Feedback & Critique

My 2 decades of experience at your disposal.
Direct feedback and specific critiquing.
Honest advice from a seasoned pro.
We’ll test ideas, review results, and take action.

Suitable For Every Level of Entrepreneur

Ideal for both starting and scaling.
Double or more your income, whatever it is now.
See crazy growth faster than you thought possible.
Level up again and again.

Unlimited Email Support

Get your feedback, critique, or advice on-the-go.
Not limited to one weekly call.
Advice at the ready any time.

High-Performance, Focused Goals

We don’t play small here. Go big or go home.
Set extremely specific, direct goals for your biz.
Hit those goals again and again, and create new ones.
Achieve a constant forward momentum

Extreme Accountability

The most effective way to get things done.
No-BS, hard-hitting accountability.
Brutal honesty and to-the-point advice.
Butt-kicking if necessary.

Mindset Transformation

The most underrated part of business success.
Transform your mind to work for you, not against you.
Smash mental blocks that keep you poor and weak.
Mental strength = business strength.

Boosted Productivity Levels

Become more efficient than you thought possible.
Effective time-saving and prioritising.
Move that needle closer every day.
Stay disciplined over time.

More Effective Habits

Become a business machine.
Develop money-making habits.
Win your day from the beginning.
Go from mediocre to high-class

Faster Results

Working directly with a coach accelerates results.
Direct, laser-focused, targeted to you.
No distractions, no limitations.
Guaranteed success.

A Streamlined Business Model

The foundation upon which your business is built.
Create one from scratch or fix the holes in your existing one.
Streamline your entire business process.
More success, less time.

Ready to Take That Step Towards A

Transformed Business & Mindset?

If you like the idea of transforming your business, earning twice as much (or more) as you’re doing now, and scaling faster than you thought you ever could, let’s meet and talk about how we’re going to do that.


Book a free strategy call with me


Tell me where your business is now


Tell me some of your goals for the future


Let me know what’s holding you back


Let’s take the step into tailored VIP coaching

Money Matters

Many coaches will make you go through the entire process of having a call, telling you all about what they can do for you, but neglect to be upfront about prices. 

However, I believe in transparency and honesty

I also like to practice what I preach and not hold back. 

Which is why I show my prices upfront. 

You don’t just get a listening ear and some generic advice. 

This is bespoke, tailored, catered to you and your biz. 

Every bit of advice is for your ears only

For your business only. 

It’s guaranteed to change the way it runs. 

And the amount of money it brings in.

The fact is…

The cost of not investing in your business is more expensive.

Your business WILL change if you commit to change your habits. 

And the tools you get in this coaching will be the catalyst to that change.

For that reason, I’m upfront about how much my coaching costs.


per 3-month coaching package

(weekly coaching session, unlimited email support, feedback & critiquing included)

Truth bomb incoming:

If money is the problem…

And you aren’t willing to put capital into your biz…

Then it’s just an excuse.

An excuse to:

That’s the challenging part.

Coming up with funds is the easy part

Take a loan.
Borrow from a friend.
Raise funds.
Save up.

If we aren’t on the same page there, we likely won’t be a great fit.

This is an INVESTMENT.

But I can guarantee that:

And all of this completely customised to YOU and your business. 

If your business isn’t where you want it to be… 

Isn’t flying high …

Making your ideal income…

Or growing exponentially…

Then what have you got to lose? 

Book that free call…

Start your VIP journey to high-performance, customised business success.